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10 Must-Do 14er Hikes in Colorado

Colorado is the indisputable capital of 14ers.

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Hiking to the top of any mountain gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride that you can't find anywhere else. Let's be honest though, the view from the top of a 4,000' peak just can't compare to what you'll see from the summit of one of America's tallest mountains. Home to over 50 peaks breaking the 14,000' benchmark, Colorado is the indisputable capital of 14ers. With so many to choose from, we thought we'd give you a break and show you some of the best 14er hikes in the state to help get the ball rolling. Check them out and start mapping out your next big summit!

1. Hike the Decalibron Loop

Photo: Kyle Frost

2. Hike Mount Sneffels

Photo: Greg Owens

3. Hike Mount Elbert

Photo: Kyle Frost

4. Summit Longs Peak

Photo: Jeff Richards

5. Hike Uncompahgre

Photo: Greg Owens

6. Hike Huron Peak

Photo: Madison Sankovitz

7. Hike 14er Mount Bierstadt

Photo: Amy Kesic

8. Hike Wilson Peak aka Coors Peak

Photo: Jennifer Broome

9. Climb North Maroon Peak

Photo: Kyle Frost

10. Hike Grays and Torreys Peak

Photo: Amy Kesic

Cover photo: Kyle Frost

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