Hike to Khun Korn Waterfall

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Enjoy the jungle scenery and misting water at Chiang Rai's tallest waterfall.

To get to the trail from Chiang Rai, head south on the 1 out of downtown Chiang Rai. At the White Temple, turn right onto the 1208.  Continue following the 1208 until it veers left and turns into the 1384.  The parking area is at the end of this road, and you will see signs for Khun Korn Forest Park along the way.

(We took a songthaew- truck taxi- from Downtown Chiang Rai.  The driver took us the five of us to the White Temple and the waterfall and then back to downtown for 800 baht.)

Walk up the road a bit and you will see a bathroom right next to the start of the trail and the river will be on your right.  This trail is very well maintained so you won't need to be doing any jungle bushwhacking on this hike. 

For about 1.5km, the trail will go up and down small hills, pass over little streams where the water is directed by bamboo, and walk under tall bamboo culms.  The trail branches when you are near the waterfall, and I suggest staying to the left on the way there and then making a loop to come back on the other fork of the trail.  Before Khun Korn Waterfall comes into view, you will hear it and then as soon as it's visible the mist will begin to cool you off.  The water is pretty strong and all the rocks are very slippery when wet, so proceed towards the base of the falls with caution.  And if you want to cool off, you are allowed to swim at the base of the falls- although we got very cooled off just by standing in the mist.

One last note, the trail is pretty muddy so be prepared to have your shoes and feet covered in orange clay.  However, after you finish the hike there is a perfect spot in the river (right by the bathroom) to scrub the mud off. 

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