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10 Luxury Camping Items Worth the Weight

Ultralighters beware - bring any of these once and you may be tempted to carry the extra weight forever!

By: Tara Stamnes + Save to a List

Packing a ridiculous amount of extra layers, two-extra-fuels-too-many, and that heavy canned food you never ate: we've all done it. My first few backpacking trips were, to say the least, heavy. But sometimes the extra weight can be all too worth it while you're out in the wild. Luxury items, when actually used, can be an awesome excuse for that "weight training" trip you've been meaning to do for ages. 

1. Mountain Slippers 

Don't put those wet boots back on. Cold nights and wet feet can be salvaged with a pair of comfy (and water resistant) booties! 

Try MEC's Get Down Bootie

2. Binoculars 

Spend some time wildlife spotting along the trail with a small pair of binoculars. Being lightweight and packable, these won't cost you too much space! 

Try the waterproof Carson Raven RV-826 Binocular

3. Flask 

Need I say more? 

4. Kindle 

Bookworms, eat your heart out. Kindles only weigh about 6oz, adding almost no weight to your pack, and you can have infinite books at hand for maximum reading pleasure.

Find your perfect kindle here

5. Camp Chair 

Weather you are camping at a local lake, or bagging a peak, avoiding those pointy rocks while sitting down is a coveted feeling, even for the most bootylicious adventurers. Though weight may be an issue for big treks, day hikes and overnighters can take a sweet turn with one of these bad boys. 

For tips on grabbing a lightweight camp chair, click here

6. Frisbee 

A lightweight, waterproof activity that's easy to strap onto your pack almost anywhere. Just don't lose it off a peak! 

Grab a cheap frisbee here

 7. French Press 

Another one that can be strapped onto the outside of your pack with ease. Coffee lovers and rookies alike can enjoy a fresh cuppa joe in the morning with these. 

Head to REI's website to find backpacking specific french presses here.

8. Mini Speakers 

Pretty self-explanatory. Good tunes are a must on and off trail. Being water resistant, lighter than the Bose equivalent, and long battery life make the JBL Flip 3 my pick for mini-speakers. 

Grab one here

9. Candy (duh). 

Made-it Mars bar anyone? 

10. Flip Flops 

An addition or summer alternative to camp slippers, flip flops are cheap, lightweight and, if rubber, waterproof. Again, these are easy to just dangle from that extra carabiner and will save you the agony of putting sweaty/wet hiking boots back on when you need to go for that dreaded middle of the night whiz in the woods. 

My favorites? The classic $1 Old Navy specials found here

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