Strawberry Patch

Hike to Spruce Flats Falls

Townsend, Tennessee

To get to Spruce Flats Falls, you will want to drive down 2.2 miles down the scenic Tremont Road to the Great Smoky Mountains Institute and park in the visitor center parking area.

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The 28 Best Outdoorsy Birthday Gifts That Aren't Gear

We are always searching for that perfect gift for our outdoorsy friend, family member or ourselves. With so many different brands of gear, it can be hard to figure out the right gift.

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Why You Should Visit the National Parks in Their Off Season

Have you ever felt the excitement of getting to visit one of the country’s beautiful National Parks, but as you get close you find a line of cars a mile long trying to work through the park gate? If .

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The One Thing You Should Always Bring With You

I can get lost in the world of gear.

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Butternut Squash Cauliflower Trail Tacos

For those of you who have exhausted your freeze dried meal options and peanut butter sandwich supply, this one's for you.

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7 Essential Waterfalls Photography Tips

1. Shoot on Overcast Days Light is everything in photography, and the best time to photograph waterfalls is on overcast days.

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4 Tips for More Adventures (plus a coupon for a free day off work)

Photo: Dan Loch It's Saturday morning and the sun’s popping up with clear skies. Or there’s fresh snow in the mountains. Or the river’s running at just the right level. 1.

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5 Books to Read in the Wild

A lot of my time spent in the wilderness is idle, waiting in a location for several days until the right light happens so I can take a photo.

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