South Korea

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Top Adventures near South Korea


Summit Mt. Bukhansan (북한산)

Mt. Bukhansan, Goyang-si, South Korea

35 Saves

Hike from Itaewon to N. Seoul Tower

Namsan Park, Seoul, South Korea

18 Saves

Hike to Biryong Falls

Biryong Falls Trailhead, Sokcho-si, South Korea

16 Saves

Hike Mureung Valley

37.463331,129.020017, Donghae-si, South Korea

5 Saves

Hike Seonginbong Peak

37.481733,130.909500, Ulleung-gun, South Korea

2 Saves

Hike Ulasnbawi Peak

38.178105,128.483519, Sokcho-si, South Korea

1 Saves

Explore Deoksugung Palace

37.565822,126.975210, Seoul, South Korea

1 Saves

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