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Community Spotlight: Recap Of A Banff Instameet

By: Jonathan Sinclair + Save to a List

Give us the Details... Over the weekend of January 17-18, 2015, Instagrammers from Alberta and British Columbia attended the “Chase N’ Brooke” Instameet, organized by Chase Teron and Brooke Willson. An “Instameet” is a meeting of users (or ‘Instagrammers’) of the popular social-media application (app) Instagram, where the attendees do activities, take photographs, and socialize.

How many people came? 45 Instagram users from across Alberta, and even some from British Columbia, converged on Canmore for the Instameet. Some of the larger Instagram accounts present included @captainkirkjames, @brookewillson, @cody_the_nelson, and @chaseteron.

Photo: Chase Teron

Tell us a little about the weekend. Most of the instagrammers stayed in Canmore, Alberta, as the Instameet took place at Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park on Day 1 and Spray Lakes Provincial Park in Kananaskis Country on Day 2.

On Day 1, we all met at Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park, to capture the sunrise. A fairly large group of us showed up and we were all treated by a spectacular pink fire in the sky. Then at 1000h we drove down the road for a few kilometres and met at the trailhead at Lake Minnewanka for some hiking. We hiked for about four hours along the lake and found some really interesting ice formations. After the hike we all met at Vermillion Lakes to try and capture a sunset.

On Day 2, we met at Spray Lakes Provincial Park in Kananaskis Country to try to capture the sunrise. Unfortunately it was overcast, but some of us still managed to get some decent photos. After the sunrise, we headed to the Chester Lake trailhead for some snowshoeing. The trail through the forest was steep, but we were rewarded with a breathtaking winter wonderland at the top.

What made it amazing? You've probably been told to never meet a stranger off of the internet...well meeting someone off of Instagram is a little different. Instagrammers are all like-minded, photography and adventure loving people who are looking to meet new people to adventure with. We all know that it is a lot more fun going out with someone else than doing adventures solo! It was incredible watching how a group of people that had never met before were able to come together as if they were the best of friends. If you start looking on Instagram, you will be amazed by just how many people are willing to come adventure in the outdoors! I’ve been told that the power of kindness, smiles, and sharing is limitless, and I witnessed that first hand during the Instameet.

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