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Earth Day 2018

Time was approaching April 22nd, yet I had no set plans as to what I would be doing in celebration of our lovely Earth.

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Time was approaching April 22nd, yet I had no set plans as to what I would be doing in celebration of our lovely Earth. I had worked tirelessly on night shifts the week prior, so I was in desperate need of some outdoors and sunshine, and what better time to spend it than on the weekend of 4/20 and Earth Day?! I just-so-happened to make contact with my old friend from high school, whom I haven’t seen since that last summer before going to college. As far as I knew, she was still out of the country traveling the world, but to my surprise she has been living in Medford, Oregon for a couple months now. Only a 15 minute drive from my place! My dear, Hannah, such a lovely person. I was so excited to meet up with her, and at this point I didn’t care what we would do for Earth Day, as long as I got to see her and catch up!

She spontaneously invited me the night before to go rock-climbing. I was hesitant at first because I hadn’t gone climbing yet this season, and for that matter, I hadn’t gone outdoor climbing for a couple seasons. She reassured me that the people we would be going with (family friends) were very helpful and loved to teach the ways. She had also not been out this season, so with those notices, I was all for the adventure.

We met in the morning on April 22nd, Earth Day. And by noon, we were hiking up to the local climbing spot of Southern Oregon… Rattlesnake. And the meaning of this place’s name clearly became understandable when we heard a screech of someone encountering a rattle snake at the next rock quarry over! Be loud and proud (clap and stomp near rocks) when you’re up here people, or you may find yourself in a pickle with an angry rattlesnake!

This area though, it is astonishing. The rocks are patterned with beautiful natural reds and greens, and lichen and mosses all over. There is this huge arch that looks like it could be something from Utah’s Arches National Park. The climbing is stupid fun. Routes everywhere. The people I spent the day with, Hannah, Thomas (Hannah’s boyfriend), Brandon, and Adam were all such a pleasure to be with. We laughed, shared ideas, challenged each other, and supported each other.

The least I could say about this day, is that it was the perfect way to spend my time off and to embrace Earth day to it’s fullest. From this time, I have become more intrigued with outdoor climbing and plan to incorporate this sport into my summer activities.

When I sit back and reflect on Earth Day and it’s true meaning, as well my time spent outdoors, I come to understand the importance of protecting and preserving our environments. In today’s society, all over the world, our Earth is facing detrimental changes. Our waters are polluted with waste, animals are going extinct, forests are diminishing, and the ice is melting! Every one of these aspects, however, are continuously be acted upon by the great members of outdoor communities. If you feel like you have a passion about a certain environmental issue, and you want to be apart of the progressive changes people are making, I highly encourage you to take action! Many organizations today have websites where you can become a member and stay up-to-date on the steps they are taking to protect or help the environment. Almost every one also has a donation forum where the funds are used directly towards the betterment of our EARTH! It’s amazing what some of these organizations, like Sea Legacy or Sierra Club, are doing in active support.

Please please consider finding your niche in one of the many amazing environmental organizations! Happy Earth Day to all!

Keep on Wandering and Pondering :) 

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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