Seth Gingerich

Hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse

Canada / Lake Louise

Towering peaks, glaciated valleys and crystal clear water draws thousands of visitors a year to the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

Nate Luebbe
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Soak in Alvord Hot Springs

Oregon / Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs at the base of Steens Mountain deep in the heart of the eastern Oregon Wilderness is a hidden gem, known mostly to climbing enthusiasts and the ambitious adventurer willing to driv.

Josiah Roe
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Hike to the Swing at the End of the World

Ecuador / Swing at the End of the World Trailhead

For those in Banos, Ecuador who want to get their ass kicked with a good day hike, this is the one. The trail begins at a set of stairs up to a small cross.

Zee Lilani
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Explore the Stunning Pools of Semuc Champey

Guatemala / Semuc Champey

From the parking lot Semuc Champey has two seperate route options. The lower route follows the river up to a series of cascading limestone pools which are great for swimming and soaking.

Jake Myhre
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Trek to Cerro Castillo in Patagonia

Chile / Cerro Castillo Trailhead

Like most places in Patagonia, the adventure begins the moment you decide on your next destination (if you don't have a car). The start of the trek is in Villa Cerro Castillo.

Zee Lilani
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Walk with Penguins on Martillo Island

Argentina / Martillo Island, Tierra del Fuego

There is only one company that has a permit to go on Martillo Island, while all the other tours take people to shoot photos from a boat. The company that has the permit is Pira Tour.

John Maurizi
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Summit Beehive Peak

Montana / Beehive Basin Trail

Beehive Basin has it all, a mini playground for outdoorsmen. My first visit was during the winter one year ago.

Seth Langbauer
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Camp at Fall Creek Falls

Idaho / Fall Creek Falls

Just an hour outside of Jackson Hole, this waterfall is very easy to access. This is also a great spot to camp overnight if you are heading to the Grand Tetons National Park from the West Coast.

Eric Bennett
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Soak in the Summer Lake Hot Springs

Oregon / Summer Lake Hot Springs

From Bend drive 32 miles south on Highway 97, through La Pine to Highway 31 (2 miles south of La Pine). Turn left (east) on Highway 31 and continue for 92 miles.

Aaron Selig
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Explore Palouse Falls

Washington / Palouse Falls State Park

Back in early 2014, a group of fifth-graders from nearby Washtucna, Washington were able to convince the governor to name Palouse Falls the official State Waterfall.

Mitch Pittman
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Hike to Skookum Butte Lookout

Montana / Forest Road 16110

The hike begins on an old jeep road and has no amenities. It crosses through a marshy field and quickly starts climbing upward with switchbacks.

Meredith Baird
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Hike to Bear Creek Overlook

Montana / Bear Creek Overlook Trailhead

At the start of your hike, stay to left and meander your way through a shaded forest of Douglas fir and lodgepole pine.

Hike the Johnson Lake Loop

Montana / Middle Fork Trailhead 9

Day 1: After pulling into the Middle Fork parking lot, there will be two trailheads. Sign in at either one, but I started at TH 28 to head directly to Johnson Lake.

LJ Dawson
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Hike to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Idaho / Warm Spring Trailhead

Note: crampons and hiking poles are a necessity for navigating this trail in the winter months. The trail can be steep in some places and very icy.

Meredith Baird
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Hike to Weir Creek Hot Springs

Idaho / Weir Creek Hot Springs Pull-Off

After parking at the trailhead, follow the well defined trail on the left side of Weir Creek for about half a mile. The trail passes multiple campsites that see heavy use.

LJ Dawson
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Backpack to Little Rock Creek

Montana / Little Rock Creek Trailhead

Little Rock Creek is one of the Bitterroots' best kept secrets. In late spring, the glacier lilies are in full bloom, and sprinkle the valley floor.

Sally Henkel
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Camp at Angel Lake in the Ruby Mountains

Nevada / Angel Lake Campground

Angel Lake is a gem of a campground located just south of Wells, Nevada. Most people drive right by on I-80 on their way through but its definitely worth stopping for.

Jess Curren
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Relax at Ritter Hot Springs

Oregon / Ritter Hot Springs OR

These remote springs are managed by the adjacent hotel, and consist of four small concrete tubs and a pool at the hotel. There are showers available.

Relax at Barnes Warm Springs

Oregon / Barnes Warm Springs

Close to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the Steens Mountains, this is a great spot for wildlife spotting, although it is also little buggy.

Climb Mount Borah

Idaho / Borah Peak Trailhead

Rising high above the sage brush covered landscape, Mount Borah is the tallest mountain in Idaho and is referred to as the "roof of Idaho.

Chris Bruin
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Scramble up Cervidae Peak

Idaho / Cervidae Peak Trailhead

From the peak the views are limitless, a full 360 degrees of landmarks like Lucky Peak Reservoir.

Caden Chandler
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Hike or Ride to Stack Rock

Idaho / Stack Rock Trailhead

The trail to Stack Rock is a well maintained path that generates a lot of attention due to its special destination. The famed rock overlooks the City of Trees and surrounding Treasure Valley.

Dusty Klein
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