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7 Perfect Gifts for the Mountain Biker in Your Life

Get the right gear for your two-wheeling friends.

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'Tis the season for figuring out what your friends and family are really wishing for under the tree. This year, get the mountain biker in your life just the right gift with the help of The Outbound Collective. We've polled some of our favorite mountain bikers and asked them what they hope Santa brings down the chimney.

Here's what they said.

Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS Helmet

There's no excuse for riding without a helmet, and your biker friends know it. If they need a new noggin-protector, check out the Dissenter MIPS helmet by Sweet Protection. Lightweight and comfortable, this helmet all but disappears from notice during an epic ride...except in the event of a crash. Then it's right there, helping to soften the blow and keep brain injuries at bay.

Patagonia Dirt Craft Mountain Bike Shorts

There are two critical ingredients for the perfect bike shorts: comfort and style. The Patagonia Dirt Craft shorts have both in spades. Available in both women's and men's styles, the Dirt Craft has a super koosh liner with chamois padding that keeps the cheeks happy, and the curved waistband on the outer shorts reduces pinching and squeezing. Bonus: the outer shorts are versatile enough to double as swim or surf trunks for those post-ride cliff jumps.

Patagonia Cool Trail Bike Henley

Patagonia's sweat-wicking fabric, Capilene, has been fueling athletic pursuits for years. Soft yet high-performance, the Cool Trail Bike Henley (available in women's and men's) helps skin breathe during a gut-busting climb, and dries fast enough not to leave your favorite biker chilly on the descent.

Adidas Five Ten Sleuth DLX Mountain Bike Shoe

From the trail to the bar, the Adidas Five Ten Sleuth DLX mountain bike shoe wins serious style points. The sole is stiff, supportive, and sticky for staying firmly attached to flat pedals, but the suede upper helps to keep things from getting too serious. 

G-Form Pro-X2 Knee Pads

More than many solo sports, mountain bikers need protection to keep all their parts functioning in peak condition. A helmet is a non-negotiable, and knee pads come in a close second (especially for those who love bombing down those downhill trails). The G-Form Pro-X2 knee pads are a mountain biker's favorite. They are comfortable during the ride and offer burly protection when the need arises.

Light & Motion 500 and Vya Combo Lights

Keep your rider safe with this headlight and taillight combo from Light & Motion. The front headlight helps to illuminate the path ahead, and the taillight's pulsing beam patterns keep drivers aware of the biker's location at all times. Both are easily charged via USB...no batteries required.

Park Tool Chain Checker

When you're looking for that perfect stocking stuffer, look no further than this Park Tool Chain Checker. This simple go/no-go device tells bikers when their chain is worn out. Not very exciting, you say? Consider this: a worn chain not only decreases pedaling efficiency but can destroy a drivetrain in no time. This little gadget can save that bike-lover of yours hundreds of dollars of repairs.

Cover photo by Sara Sheehy

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