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Amazing Campground,No Reservations Needed,Shooting Stars,No one around you,Vast Openness ,

To get to Prewitt Ridge, you have to take Nacimiento-Fergursson Road (across from Kirk Creek) and drive up the mountain for 7.1 miles on a series of set-backs on one-lane. From there, you will reach the summit, take a Right onto Coastal Ridge Trail for 4.3 miles. This is where the dirt road starts. Keep to the right on any turns and you should be fine. There is one tricky spot (a dirt incline that has massive holes in it) that you have to gun it to get up there. If you get stuck on the incline, DONT try to just power through it because it will make the holes worse. Instead, switch back to reverse until you are back on flat road and then speed up again and hug the left side to avoid the major potholes. Once you pass this, you will be rewarded with cement road again, phew! From here, you go on a little bit more and then take the last left to reach the campsite All together, around a 40 minute drive.



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