3 Photogenic Day Trips From Berlin to Dream About

Germany’s largest metropolitan center, Berlin has a mix of modern scenes and historic cities. It is a cosmopolitan center of politics, culture, and science, but dreamy adventure photography is never far away.

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Berlin’s bustling urban center, with the Berlin Wall and its street art at the center, combined with unique hangouts like the Nikolai Quarter in the old city and the Ephraim Palace near the Brandenburg Gate make it a popular city to visit. It is a center of German music and art, and has a unique mix of sites and flavor due to reconstructions after the devastation of WWII and Soviet occupation.

But for a break from the hustle and bustle of Germany’s urban center, take a trip out to the German countryside to see Europe’s roots.


An hour from Berlin by car, the Spreewald is a UNESCO protected forest whose people and culture have been largely unaffected despite the hundreds of years of history that has occurred around them.

The forest is known for its intricate irrigation system, a man-made array of canals that cross through its trees and meadows. The forests offer many paths and trails for hiking and cycling, as well as kayaking.

Spreewald was the site of the Battle of Halbe, one of the last conflicts between the German and Soviet Armies prior to the conquest of Berlin. Its beautiful nature makes it an ideal escape for anyone wanting to take a breather from the fast city pace.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

On the banks of the Elbe River a few hours south of Berlin, the Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of Europe’s most beautiful areas with its magnificent rocky landscape. A major refuge for rock-climbers in Germany, it is a little less well known amongst tourists. The area is scattered with resorts and spas and offer a nice getaway for anyone interested in being pampered.

For the adventurous, it offers many hiking trails and fishing areas. The flora and fauna are abundant, and the Bastei Bridge, built into the unique Bastei rock formation in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains offers panoramic views to photographers. The stones have been a tourist attraction for centuries, and the bridge was constructed in 1851.

It is one of the natural wonders of Europe and a truly magnificent destination for anyone seeking quiet relaxation.


A lakefront on the westernmost portion of Berlin, Wannsee has been a popular destination for tourists for over a century. At almost 1,300 meters long, it is Europe’s largest inland beach and serves as a fantastic location for boating, yachting, tanning, photography, and just plain spending some time in the water.

The beach is full of modern amenities, such as a water slide and changing rooms, as well as a great selection of restaurants. There is even a clothes-free zone.

The surrounding area of the beach is densely wooded and scattered with beautiful homes and buildings which were built during Weimar Germany. The beach tends to become crowded in the summertime so be sure to get there early. Wannsee is a lovely getaway if only for a day or two.

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