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3 Places to Explore in Canada That Aren't in the Rockies or BC

The endless onslaught of photos from the Canadian Rockies and BC’s portion of the Pacific Northwest invokes some serious #travelgoals. But I have to wonder, do photographers know that there is more to Canada than the Rockies and BC?

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Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I am proud of how my homeland of Canada is being represented. Who hasn't drooled over a shot of a gorgeous blue alpine lake glowing beneath a backdrop of granite peaks as a lone canoe cuts across its glassy waters at sunrise? Equally, who hasn't admired an ancient forest covered in moss glistening as the sun sneaks through the dense canopy that lights a pathway for a Gortex wearing hiker in the morning mist and fog?

The endless onslaught of photos from the Canadian Rockies and BC’s portion of the Pacific Northwest invokes some serious #travelgoals.

But I have to wonder, do photographers/instagrammers know that there is more to Canada than the Rockies and BC?

I know it may seem shockingly obvious, but do they?

As the world’s second largest country you’d figure we’d be over indulging in the insane variety of landscapes that our country offers.

The grassy plains of Saskatchewan with golden fields standing in stark contrast of the large blue skies that regularly receive more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Where are they featured?

The twisting channels of rivers that lead to lakes so large they rival the size of seas in Ontario, where are the endless photos of that canoe featuring trendy blanket covered pilot with the obligatory coffee cup?

Or how about highlighting the enchanting forests of Quebec, with fiery hues of red, auburn and orange that just beg for forest walks in bright jackets as one dines on the maple sap found in those very trees?

If you’ve never been to Moraine Lake in Banff or the temperate rainforests of Vancouver’s North Shore where countless photographers flock to recreate heavenly scenes of outdoor playgrounds, go. They are as beautiful as the photos depict.

For those who want to explore more of Canada that is equally beautiful but less represented, whether that is for adventurous expeditions, wildlife or cuisine, allow me to introduce a few places to you.

Hiking in Carcross, Yukon.

1. Yukon

Within the mountains that sprawl out in every direction are peaks that reach higher than that of the Rockies. Beneath those same peaks are icefields and glaciers that feed turquoise coloured lakes and emerald green rivers that cut through basalt canyons. Evening skies light up with Northern Lights and all four seasons exist in this land.

The Yukon, which has been dubbed the Patagonia of the North, truly has it all except one paramount thing. People.

Explore these vast lands in relative solitude and be prepared to be in continual awe of it.

Bison at Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

2. Manitoba

Even out-of-province Canadian tourists seem to miss this beautiful province found in the heart of Canada. With farming continually being the main industry of the province, most people would be surprised to discover the thriving arts, craft beer and food scene within the brownstone streets of the hip capital of Winnipeg.

Out of the city between the obligatory hail bails and grain elevators that dot the farmland skylines are roaming big game such as moose, elk and bison. Further north, Manitoba offers the chance to get up close with polar bears or kayak with belugas.

Wildlife to take your #weeklyfluff game to a whole new level.

Lighthouse at Cape Tyron, PEI

3. Prince Edward Island

To circumnavigate Canada’s smallest province, you’d only have to go 850km. Along the way, one would discover the unfathomable amount of potato fields and several references to Anne of Green Gables.

But you’d also discover red cliff seascapes with blindingly green grassy expanses giving way to sprawling golden sand beaches and growing sand dune buffers in between. Ask a local where their favourite clam beach is, or jump on a fishing boat to catch lobster. PEI is stunningly beautiful and is also Canada’s unofficial culinary capital for fresh farm to table treats photogenic enough to make any ‘grammer jealous but delicious enough to make you want to actually eat it.


These are just three regions of a huge country, each of which holds immeasurable diversity in culture and landscapes. Let me know your favourite corner of Canada by leaving me a message on my Instagram: @meandertheworld.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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