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    Looking for the best photography in Philippines? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Philippines. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top photography spots in and near Philippines

    • Coron, Philippines

      Hike Mt. Tapyas in Coron

      This is a relatively easy hike up to Mt. Tapyas. You can either walk to the base of the hill/mountain that is located near the town center, or you can take a tricycle. Timing depends on how in shape you are; however, it is all paved stairs, a little bit more than 700 steps, so keep that in mind. ...
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    • Alaminos, Philippines

      Kibungan Circuit: Hike to Mt. Tagpaya

      10.6 mi / 2952.8 ft gain
      This version of the Kibungan Circuit is a 2 day, closed loop trek. Starting in the town of Tanap at 920 MASL (meters above sea level), the path cuts through rice paddies, gradually descending until reaching a long hanging bridge.  After crossing the bridge and passing through a small village, you...
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    • Liloan, Philippines

      Explore the Tagbak Marine Park

      The best way to get to Liloan is with your own ride. So if you don't have a car rentals range around 3000 PHP. But if you don't get a car, it's not impossible! Check out how these backpackers did it. A four hour drive from Tacloban City and  just over the Liloan Bridge is a small parking lot to t...
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    • Subic, Philippines

      Explore Nagsasa Cove

      From the outer edge of this cove to the beach it took about 10 minutes to ride in and when you look out towards the sea, you only see the sea! You're surrounded by the mountains on both sides and it's just the beach and yourself. So if you're looking for soft (but really hot) sand, clear waters, ...
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    • San Antonio, Philippines

      Explore Camara and Capones Island

      When going to the Philippines, people often think about going to beautiful tourist destinations like El Nido on Palawan Island, but if you're looking to be budget friendly and more local the providence of Zambales in Central Luzon can still give you crystal clean waters, green mountains, and a to...
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    • Marabut, Philippines

      Paddle Board (SUP) at Caluwayan, Samar

      First, I'd recommend calling the resort ahead of time (+63 977-354-5692) to see if you can reserve a beach cottage. We had rolled up after a two hour drive to find out there were no more cottages available, BUT my roommate and I were two Americans with a Filipino family and for some reason that c...
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    • Palompon, Philippines

      Camp on Kalanggaman Island

      Looking for a serious weekend getaway with no electricity and no city noises? Well an hour long boat ride will take you to this little island right in between Leyte and Cebu where the water isn't as salty and you can fall asleep with the waves crashing right next to you. Whether you choose to mak...
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    • Samboan, Philippines

      Hike to Dao Falls

      1 mi / 200 ft gain
      To start with, there are quite a few stairs at the beginning going down, and then right at the end as you climb back up to the parking lot. Other than that, nothing to be concerned about in terms of difficulty.  This is a cool spot because you get a bit of variety. At the parking lot there is epi...
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    • Samboan, Philippines

      Explore Aguinid Falls

      1 mi / 300 ft gain
      *Distance and elevation gain are negligible. it is more of a scramble than a hike* This is a great little spot that has just been opened to the public for the last three years (this was written March of 2019). It is managed by one of the local tribes, so you need to have their guides with you. We...
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    • Coron, Philippines

      Island Hop near Coron Island

      This adventure does give you a bit of flexibility. We hired a private boat for the day to take us around Coron Island and some great snorkeling spots. Grand total for the boat was about $110 (USD) or 5,400 pesos. The more people you get, the cheaper per person. They give you a list of spots that ...
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