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Review: Hikers Brew Coffee

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We always make coffee while camping, but we usually just make instant coffee because it is easy. It gets the job done, but it leaves a lot to be desired in the flavor department. These Hikers Brew coffees will certainly elevate my future camping coffee drinking experiences from just a way to wake up into a moment of joy during a cold outdoor morning.

I am not a coffee connoisseur, but I have done a couple stints as a barista so I’d like to think I can appreciate a good cup of coffee. During my first barista job, I discovered that I actually do like to drink black coffee if it is high quality coffee that’s not too acidic, and almost all of these Hikers Brew flavors passed that test for me. Opening the box of Hikers Brew Venture Pouches released a heavenly smell into my kitchen that reminded me of my barista days. It is obvious from the first whiff that these coffees are kept fresh in their packaging.

Three images. The first is of a person smiling with a mug raised next to a river. The second is two packets of Hikers Brew coffee leaned up against a french press outdoors. The third is six packets of Hikers Brew coffee lying on rocky ground.


I tried the Hazy Hiker hazelnut flavor first because I LOVE hazelnut coffee. There is something about the combination of coffee and the sweet, nutty hazelnuts that is just meant to be. I couldn’t wait to try it, so I made it with my regular drip coffee maker in my kitchen. The suggestion of 2-4 cups of water per pouch is accurate, because I tried it with 4 cups of water and it was perfect. It made my kitchen smell like hazelnuts for days which I loved.

Since we usually just make instant coffee while camping, I decided to buy a French press in order to make ground coffee outdoors. I haven’t been able to go camping yet this year due to illness/injuries/life, but I love hanging out in nature with my partner, Kyle, so we decided to have a picnic and enjoy some coffee. We made the s’mores flavor by boiling water on our camp stove and then using the French press. This flavor has subtle notes of marshmallow and graham crackers. I wish the flavor was a bit stronger, but I appreciated that it wasn’t overwhelmingly chocolatey like a mocha coffee. We enjoyed drinking the coffee near a roaring river near our home. My partner mentioned that he normally does not like flavored coffee, but he likes these because the flavors aren’t overpowering.

Three images. One is Hikers Brew coffee packets on a rock. Another is a person with a shirt that reads

I made the remaining flavors at home with the French press because it is my new favorite thing. The Yurt Dirt dark roast was probably my favorite because it was rich and full-bodied while still mellow and not acidic at all. I also loved the Red Rocks caramel flavor, which was perfectly bitter with caramel notes. I tried it as iced coffee with oat milk and it tasted just like an iced caramel latte. The Mile Marker medium roast may be my least favorite because it was more bitter and acidic than the dark roast or the flavored coffees, but it is still good coffee and I liked it with oat milk to soften the flavor. The Van Life vanilla flavor has a strong vanilla smell with a more subtle vanilla flavor that tastes a little acidic but still delicious.

Each of these coffees is nice and strong, so one pouch is enough for at least two people and you could increase or decrease the amount of water to make it as strong as you like. These Venture Pouches are perfect for taking on the go because the pouches are pretty durable. They are packed full of ground coffee, so they don’t bend or rip while traveling.

Two images side by side. Each feature coffee packets with a coffee making setup outdoors.

Friendliness to the Earth

I also appreciate that Hikers Brew is making efforts to produce sustainable coffee by sourcing their coffee beans from organic and fair trade suppliers, using compostable packaging, offering carbon neutral shipping, and they even plant a tree for each order they receive. I love products that I can feel good about purchasing and using!

The Final Word

Hikers Brew has officially changed my outdoor coffee drinking life. This opportunity to test out all of their flavors has helped me step outside my comfort zone from making simple instant coffee to making high quality French press coffee when I go on adventures in the future I can’t wait to take some Venture Pouches on my next camping trip.

I loved drinking these delicious coffees, and even the designs on the packaging are well done. My only suggestion I would give Hikers Brew would be to make the flavors a bit stronger, or maybe offer flavored dark roast coffees since the dark roast is so good. Having an eco-friendly coffee that I can bring with me anywhere or make at home will greatly improve my coffee drinking experience from now on. Thank you, Hikers Brew!

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