Hike to the Lower Rock Rooms via Charon's Garden Trail

Rate this Adventure 3 miles 100 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Blake Batchelor

The Charon's Garden trail and Lower Rock Rooms offer a family friendly 3 mile out and back hike to some really neat boulder caves, scrambling adventures, and a classic view of Apple & Pear sitting atop the Valley of Boulders.

This hike can be difficult for a dog. There is one area where crossing the boulders can be dangerous. Use caution and turn around if you're not comfortable taking kids or pets over the some of the boulder jumps. They are easy but there is a drop between some of the boulders. Start from the Sunset Parking Lot. Hike west out of the parking lot (I follow the service road) a couple hundred yards to the beginning of the Charon's Garden Trail, which heads west on a wide path through the trees. Follow this path for a half mile to a big creek that is usually dry. The path turns south right before the creek. Follow the trail south for almost another mile. You will gain some slight elevation as you approach the Valley of the Boulders. You will know when you get there because the trail stops at a big boulder field. Apple and Pear can be seen up to your left. The easiest way to get across the boulders is to hop across. There is a rough, steep trail on the west side of the valley that can avoid this if you want. Once across this first boulder area, the trail picks back up. Keep an eye out on your left. From here and for the next few hundred yards, there are multiple trails into rock rooms and boulder caves. There is one really impressive rock room that is GIANT and really pretty! Definitely an awesome place for kids and adults to explore. Hike back the way hiked in. 

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