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    Looking for the best surfing in New Zealand? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around New Zealand. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Surfing Spots in and near New Zealand

    • Piha, New Zealand

      Evening at Piha Beach

      The beautiful black sand stretches as far as the eye can see at Piha Beach. Just a short hour drive from nearby Auckland, Piha Beach makes for the perfect evening getaway.Hike to the top of Lion Rock (well almost the top...the last portion of the trail is closed due to loose rock and hazardous co...
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    • Kaikoura, New Zealand

      Hike the Kaikoura Peninsula

      4.3 mi / 196.9 ft gain
      From the Point Kean carpark head south up the paved walkway until you reach the Clifftop Walk. This trail will take you past East Head and Atia Point before it becomes the South Bay Lookout Walk. When you reach car park at trail's end turn back the way you came and descend the stairs near East He...
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    • Moturiki Island, New Zealand

      Explore Moturiki Island (Leisure Island)

      0.6 mi / 29.5 ft gain
      Mount Maunganui keeps proving that it is an incredibly family-friendly destination with its extremely well maintained path up Mount Maunganui, a massive and easy to access beach with great waves for beginners, all the food you can crave, and a little escape island. Right off the main beach you'll...
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    • Raglan, New Zealand

      Surf at Ngarunui Beach

      Raglan is a small beach town in the North Island just two hours south of Auckland and less than an hour west from Hamilton. Set on the beautiful west coast, get ready for the most relaxed vibes. If you're looking for the idea beginner surf spot, less than 10 minute from town is an awesome black s...
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    • Tairua, New Zealand

      Surf at Tairua Beach

      Tairua Beach offers a few pristine miles of turquoise waves and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the east coast of the North Island without the crowds. It's ideal for swimming, surfing, and body surfing. The waves are mellow enough for beginners and it's a perfect spot to surf at sunrise or sunse...
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