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Awesome way to spend the day, beautiful location to ride a bike and tons of wineries in close proximity!

The starting point for this adventure is anywhere in Renwick, New Zealand. We just parked on a side street off the beaten path where they did not have any parking restrictions. 

There is obviously a lot of variation of which path to follow while doing this bike tour. The route we did isn't necessarily the best, but it worked for us and we had a great time. Every cellar door has free tastings, and most of have some sort of lunch or snack option you can purchase. We tried to plan our day based upon some recommendations for food so we would hit lunch at those wineries. 

There isn't much to list in terms of adventure here, so I'm going to list off the wineries that we went to, in the order that we went to them. All the roads are relatively flat, and don't require much experience at all. There isn't any terrain you can't handle. 

Seresin Estate, Framingham Wine Company, Forrest Estate Wines, Nautilus Estate, Giesen Wines Cellar door (where we did lunch), Moa Brewery, No 1 Family Estate, Huia Winery.

The distance is a rough estimate. We never spent more than 15 minutes riding between the wineries (and brewery). The road was very flat overall, so I left the elevation at 0, there may be small hills here and there, but they are minor. 

It was a big day, but it was a blast. Most of these have outdoor seating, so you can get a tasting tray and head outside and sit in the gorgeous New Zealand sun and have a great day. 

Please be smart and bring a designated driver! It may not seem like you are drinking a lot, but depending on how many tastings you do and being in the sun all day and doing physical exercise, it can catch up to you very quickly. Please be responsible. 

Pack List

  • Bike
  • Comfy clothing
  • Bike Helmet (law in NZ)
  • Photo ID (For tourists, you will need passport, NZ won't accept drivers license)
  • Money (only for food or if you want to buy a bottle)
  • Designated Driver
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
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How to Get There

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Just a bearded guy with a camera. Trying to explore this world one step, pedal crank, or paddle stroke at a time. Always need to find time for the hammock and the 12oz beer curl. You know, the important parts of life



Skill Level:



Summer, Autumn

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10 Miles


Adult Beverages
Easy Parking

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