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Head out to Aramoana for quiet waves and mussel hunt!

Starting from Dunedin, take highway 88 toward Port Chalmers. Once there, take a left to Macandrew road, which will eventually become aramoana road. This drive takes you past a few bays, drive all the way right up to the end of the road, past Heyward Point. The drive itself is quite windy with sharp turns and twists. Its nonetheless pretty safe , just be cautious of the turnings. 

Once there, get ready to for an incredible slow walk alongside the beach. The morning sun will be on the right shining on the waves, causing them to reflect and glitter.  Not many tourists know about this place, so there would be mostly locals only. The beach is quite wide so much so that you will have plenty of private space to enjoy the ocean. 

Walk till you reach a rock formation adjacent to big sand dunes, where you may find local kids playing. Walk further on and there will be piles of rocks along the shore. Climb onto the rocks and start hunting for mussels! The bigger ones are lower down and nearer to the waves, whilst tiny ones can be found above. 

This is a pretty walk, great if you ever need alone or quiet time whilst staying in nearby Dunedin. The waters are calm and seagulls aplenty. 

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