Hike the Stillman - Bluebird Loop

Rate this Adventure 5.4 miles 1200 ft gain  - Loop Trail

Added by John Maurizi

A difficult loop hike that has great views of the Hudson River and Hudson Highlands State Park. Also, explore several stone house ruins along the way.

This loop hike starts at the northern trailhead of the park where the Stillman Trail begins.  The parking area has enough space for only 6 or 7 cars.  Start off on a wide maintained carriage road.  After about a half mile, the Stillman Trail (yellow markers) breaks of to the left.  However, stay on the carriage road until it meets up with the Bluebird Trail (blue/red markers).  Along the carriage road you will come to a junction with another carriage road to the left.  Follow this a short way to an old stone ruin.  It is a foundation and basement from an old settlement house.  Return back from where you turned off and proceed up the carriage road.  Around another turn you will see another old stone ruin on the right but this one also has a steel corrugated shed. 

The carriage road gets a little more narrow after this point and soon you end up on the Bluebird Trail (blue/red markers).  Turn left and continue on the rocky trail until you meet up back with the Stillman Trail (yellow markers).  At the trail junction, look left and you will see a small stone structure that is protection for an old spring still pumping out water. Beyond that is another old stone foundation and basement.  After some exploration here, turn right on the Stillman Trail.

Follow the Stillman Trail as it traverses and ascends the front of Storm King Mountain.  This section is very difficult, narrow and steep.  Be careful here when it rains or if the rocks are wet.  You eventually top out on Storm King with amazing views.  The Stillman Trail makes a sharp right turn to the other side of the mountain and then begins to descend.

You will reach a trail junction with the Howell Trail (blue markers) on the left and the Stillman Trail turning right.  Stay on Stillman a short way until you reach another junction with the Bluebird Trail (blue/red markers).  Turn right onto Bluebird and follow the steep and rocky downhill.  You will reach the section you had just hike.  When you reach the trail junction with Stillman again, turn left and stay on this back to the carriage road where you turn right again and back to the trailhead. 

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