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SUAVS The Zilker Low-Top Shoe Review

A lightweight washable minimalist shoe ideal for traveling and good for some outdoor pursuits.

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SUAVS Men's The Zilker Shoe


Materials: breathable digital knit

Weight: 15 ounces

Fit: True to size (no half-sizes are available)

Where To Get It:

Price: $95.00 - SUAVS Shoes  

Our Experience:

Those who travel frequently are probably familiar with the hunt for gear that is versatile while being lightweight and packable. Over the past few years I've spent far too much time rummaging through bags trying to lighten loads and get down to only the most necessary of items. It's for situations like this that SUAVS Shoes' The Zilker excels. 

Made from a breathable digital knit, with my size 10 pair weighing it at 15 ounces, The Zilker is a low-top shoe with minimalist construction that packs down small to fit easily into a pack, with machine washability making extensive outdoor wear wash off easily afterwards. The knit build from post-consumer recycled threads carries out one of the company's goals of making a more eco-friendly product. The shoe itself is a minimalist everyday shoe, with the knit soft, almost feeling like a lace up slipper. For those looking for good ankle support, the downside to SUAVS' minimalist design is that there is no ankle support and no ruggedness to the tread. And while each pair includes insoles giving the shoe a 3-5mm heel to toe drop, the insoles are easily removable and can be replaced with your own.

I brought my pair of Zilkers as my primary shoes for a trip to Kauai, where I'd planned on hiking the island trails and beaches. Mud, water, sand and rough stone would make up most of the outdoor terrain for this trip, and I'm not one to go lightly on my shoes. On the plus side, my SUAVS held up great, carrying me to miles-long hikes into and out of canyons, sliding down paths to secluded beaches and crossing through muddy trails to waterfalls. 

The washable synthetic knit material let me rinse off the mud easily, and air dry relatively quickly in the sunlight or overnight beside a warm air vent. The biggest downsides with my outdoor travel were the lack of water resistance and the lack of traction on the soles. However both of these are a given, and the versatility and ease with which I could pack and carry them are huge for choosing them for trips like this.

For everyday wear, SUAVS The Zilker is a comfortable casual shoe that fits easily with a breathable knit build. Vegan-friendly recycled materials make up the construction. However it is the shoe's minimalist lightweight design that provides their biggest asset - a versatile, packable, easily-washable travel shoe that fits easily into a bag and stacks up well in a variety of situations and settings.

SUAVS Zilker Gum.SUAVS Zilker Charcoal.The shoes are ideal for travel, and hold up under a variety of outdoor elements and conditions.The synthetic knit can be washed easily and dried quickly.SUAVS The Zilker is an everyday casual shoe.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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