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Review: Leisure Co MoonLite Inflatable Pillow

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Leisure Co MoonLite Inflatable Pillow 


Size when inflated: 14" x 10" x 4"

Weight: 4 oz.

Materials: Brushed cotton blend

Where To Get It:

Price: $19.99  -  Leisure Co

Our Experience:

When we talk about new pieces of outdoor gear to our friends, we're usually bragging about climbing harnesses or kayaks or any of the sexier items that help take us into those areas that we enjoy. Though for avid campers and travelers, there is a whole checklist of gear that falls much more comfortably into the 'essential' category than the 'sexy' category. These are things like sleeping pads, socks, and travel towels that can change the experience entirely if they're missing or you chose poorly. Fitting squarely into this category is a good lightweight travel pillow.

Leisure Co's MoonLite Inflatable Pillow.

I've used a few different pillows over the years. Most of them get the job done. Though there are little things I've found that make some better than others. Lately I've been using Leisure Co's lightweight MoonLite Inflatable Pillow, and I've found it to have the details that other pillows I've had are missing.

First off, my style of travel and camping is heading out on backpacking trips, camping out along lakes where we can kayak to the far banks to have the area to ourselves, or car camping trips with my girlfriend. Given this, the first thing I look for is small and lightweight. The MoonLite Inflatable Pillow weighs just four ounces uninflated, and fits into its own small stuff sack (about 5" tall when stuffed). Leisure Co. does offer a couple other camp pillows - both inflatable and stuffed - but I chose their most lightweight and compact model.

The cotton blend lining on the pillow gives it a very soft surface to lay your head on.

The next detail, which is probably my favorite detail about this pillow, is the soft lining that the pillow is wrapped in. It's just a soft stretchy cotton tech fabric, but that detail makes the pillow far more comfortable than some of the plastic-feeling textures of other pillows I've had. 

Another noticeable detail is the one-way air valve for inflating and deflating the pillow. Beneath the valve is a soft piece of rubber that lets you inflate and seal the pillow without losing any air. To deflate, you just put your finger on it while you fold the pillow up and stuff it back inside its stuff sack.

Weighing just 4oz, the pillow clips easily to the outside or fits inside of a travel bag or backpack.

And finally, the MoonLite Inflatable Pillow was about $10 less than most other inflatable travel pillows that I was looking at. 

Overall, I've learned the hard way that having a small pillow can make the difference between a good night of a sleep while camping and an uncomfortable night - or can make car ride naps on the way home from the trip more comfortable for people like my girlfriend! - and Leisure Co's MoonLite Inflatable Pillow has been an improvement upon my past travel pillows. 

The one way valve makes inflating and sealing the pillow simple and lets air out with just a light touch.

A pillow can help make the night more comfortable, and the MoonLite Inflatable Pillow is one of the better lightweight packable travel pillows we've found.

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