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Review: Fireside Outdoor Go Anywhere Pop-Up Fire Pit

Fireside Outdoor's Go Anywhere Pop-Up Fire Pit can be thought of as a camping or backyard accessory meant to help eliminate your campfire footprint.

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Fireside Outdoor Go Anywhere Pop-Up Fire Pit 


Weight: 8 lbs. 

Fuel Load Capacity: up to 125 lbs.

Where To Get It:

Price: $119.95  -  Fireside Outdoor |  Amazon

Our Experience:

The Go Anywhere Pop-Up Fire Pit consists of a few pieces: a folding base, a steel alloy mesh fabric, and four pieces of aircraft aluminum siding. After one or two uses, the initial set-up time takes about a minute, as the base unfolds and everything else slides easily into place. The lightweight materials used give the entire fire pit a weight of about 8 pounds, and everything fits into a shoulder sling bag for storage and easy transportation.

With a 2' x 2' footprint, the Go Anywhere Pop-Up Fire Pit can be set on just about any surface and will support normal sized firewood bundles.

With dimensions of about 2' x 2', the fuel is set on the mesh, while the siding pieces measure 3.5" in height, which meet Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management specifications for camp fires in sensitive areas. Since the mesh allows air to circulate from beneath, the wood burns more efficiently than a normal ground fire pit and there is a little less smoke than a ground fire, though you may still have to shift around if it gets windy. The Go Anywhere set also comes with a reflective shield that attaches beneath the mesh to help project heat outwards and upwards. What I thought was interesting is that the reflective shield is not made of burn proof material, however after my fires, it remains in perfect condition, which shows that the heat is concentrated upwards and doesn't heat or scar the ground that the fire pit is set on. 

The aircraft aluminum and steel alloy mesh also cool down in only a couple minutes once the fire is extinguished, so the Go Anywhere fire pit can be folded and packed up shortly after use. 

The Go Anywhere folds down into a shoulder sling bag. At 8 pounds it can easily be carried to and from its setup location. The optional grill grate fits into its own shoulder sling bag for easy carry.

We picked up the Go Anywhere fire pit primarily to take on camping trips, and the small size and quick set up and takedown time have made it a useful and regular piece of gear that we throw in the car. Fireside Outdoor's product description states that since all the heat is reflected upwards, it will not leave burn patches on grass, making it a great option for backyard fires.

Fireside Outdoor also offers the option of a grill grate that fits on top of the fire pit, giving the option for grilling, and folds down into its own shoulder sling bag. Though not tall enough for a stack of firewood to be placed beneath the grill, the fire pit's mesh stands up to the heat of charcoal as well, allowing for more controlled cooking on the Go Anywhere.

The steel alloy mesh supports the fuel while circulating air for a more efficient burn.

Overall, the Go Anywhere Pop-Up Fire Pit has been easy to use, quick to set up, and lives up to Its goal of allowing for warm fires that won't leave a lasting footprint on the ground where it was set up. 

The Go Anywhere's raised build allows for the surface beneath it to remain cool and unmarked by the fire.
The lightweight materials fit easily into each other and cool off quickly, letting the user pack it up shortly after the fire is extinguished.

The Go Anywhere Pop-Up Fire Pit in its habitat!

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