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Review: DryTide 50L Waterproof Backpack

This heavy duty waterproof backpack is large enough to fit a good amount of gear in for a day on the water or in the elements, with details that appeal to a variety of uses.

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DryTide 50Liter Waterproof Backpack 


Carrying Capacity: 50 liters

Dimensions: 60 x 34 x 25cm

Weight: 4.4 lbs

100% Waterproof Materials

Where To Get It:

Price: $145.00  -  DryTide

Our Experience:

Two details immediately jump out on DryTide's 50Liter Waterproof Backpack, one obvious and the other not so obvious. The first is how heavy duty the backpack is. Made of thick durable waterproof materials, with all zipper seams sealed with non-stitch bonding, the bag's 4.4 pound weight is not exactly lightweight, but is also the result of a pack that won't tear or catch in the way that some lighter weight drybags I've owned in the past have. While the bag's main compartment closes with a roll top clasp and can be covered and secured by a top that buckles shut, the backpack also has two other outer compartments, both of which close with waterproof zippers.

DryTide's Waterproof Backpack has shoulder straps that can customize to fit the wearer, along with adjustable chest and hip straps, and have a thin non-absorbent foam lining the shoulder straps and back area.

The second detail that emerges with repeated use are the amount of details and features that went into designing this bag. Several plastic buckles maximize being able to securely stow and close the different compartments. A reinforced carry handle on top allows for easy movement of the bag, thinly padded straps and lumbar support give a slightly softer fit, and shoulder, chest and hip straps are all adjustable.

Both sides have webbed carry pockets and adjustable straps to secure water bottles or longer pieces of gear. An adjustable elastic band is braided on the front pocket to grip onto additional items, and the interior of the bag contains a removable flat pouch that can fold over and velcro shut. All of these details go to show the amount of options and range of uses the designers of this bag considered. 

Made entirely of waterproof material, the main 50 liter compartment rolls down and clips to keep the interior dry. The pack has several buckles and handles for easier handling and use in a variety of situations.

At 50 liters, the DryTide backpack's biggest negative may go along with its large carrying capacity. The bag is easily large enough to pack camera gear, sleeping bags, or water bottles and food in, however the size can feel a bit bulky, especially if you're only using it to carry a small handful of items. However, this large capacity has come in handy for for carrying a night's worth of camping supplies by kayak across a lake to reach a private camping area, or strapping the backpack to a paddle board and it keeping the gear inside dry over the course of the day. So the bulkiness is the trade off for a bag large enough to carry a variety of gear.

As an alternative to drybags, which tend to be awkward for handling, the waterproof backpack straps on easily and comfortably (the only issue I've found is with the non-breathability of the material, so on a hike you may find yourself with a slightly sweaty back), and can easily be bungeed down to a watercraft. The bag has also been useful during the rainy and snowy seasons, and I'll grab this one when I head outside on those days rather than my normal nylon backpack.

Not just for trips to the river, DryTide's Waterproof Backpack has come in useful when heading out in wet environments.

Overall, though a bit bulky, the DryTide Waterproof Backpack is a 50L technical backpack built from waterproof materials and seam-sealed construction. Mine has been a great piece of gear for paddling on lakes or rivers, and has been extremely useful for some days spent outdoors in wet weather. 

DryTide's Waterproof Backpack comes equipped with multiple pockets and cinch straps, and is much easier to handle than simple drybags. 

An interior device sleeve that seals shut and velcros into the main compartment is one of the features that demonstrates the attention to detail that went into designing the backpack. 

While it can be used as a simple day pack, additional hip and chest straps allow for comfort while taking on longer distances or heavier loads. 

DryTide 50L Waterproof Backpack.

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