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Nimble 5-Day Portable Charger Review

A portable power bank that incorporates recycled and plant-based materials into its construction.

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Weight: 12 ounces

Dimensions: 3" x 4.25" x 1"

Capacity: 13000 mAh (3.6V, 48Wh)

Outputs: 4 

Where To Get It:

Price: $89.95   -   Nimble  |  Amazon

Our Experience:

Nimble has built a line of portable batteries and charging devices, made to quickly charge portable devices via USB ports. And while portable chargers and power banks are their main product, Nimble also aims to build their products and run their business while minimizing the environmental impact, with their 5-Day Charger sourcing recycled aluminum and corn and sugarcane-based materials.

Whether using a portable power bank to keep devices charged while outside and away from convenient charging outlets, while traveling or somewhere where you'll be using more device more than usual, or just as an emergency backup in the backcountry, portable chargers are increasingly capable of storing higher amounts of power in smaller packages and with a lowering price tag. Companies such as Nimble are now taking the standard portable charger model, and tweaking it in ways to make it more align with those looking for a reduced ecological footprint in their electronic products. 

My primary use for the Nimble 5-Day Charger is as a power bank for my phone and headlamps, as these are the two portable rechargeable devices I'm most frequently using, and I'll often carry both with me on my backcountry hikes and camping trips.

Weighing 12 ounces, and taking up about as much space as a deck of cards, the Nimble 5-Day Portable Charger can easily be slid into a pocket or a pouch and carried along as insurance on a hike, for a day at a music festival, or on a long distance trip to keep a tablet loaded with work and movies powered up. 

I'm often one to switch my phone to silent mode or turn it off altogether when with friends or in the outdoors, and as such, tend to use the battery sparingly. Though there are situations that tend to drain my batteries for which having a power bank to recharge electronics is extremely useful. And while the technical specs of the 5-Day's storage capacity might not be my language, experience has shown me there's enough energy stored inside the Nimble to juice up an iPhone three times over, and then power up an iPad, and still have a little bit of power remaining.

The packaging and construction of the Nimble Charger - and one of the reasons I was first drawn to this charger - uses a combination of recycled and plant-based materials, and packaged in plastic-free recyclable packaging. And while these qualities should be essential features in most new products, unfortunately Nimble is almost unique in this regard.

Aside from the charging unit itself, Nimble makes a point of running with as low an environmental impact as they can. Aside from the paper-based recyclable packaging, the company includes a small bag with each charger which can be filled with electronic waste and shipped to Nimble to be recycled. These are the types of marketing gimmicks that I wish were more common.

Certain design features show the extra lengths that were reached in creating the 5-Day Charger. The included cable to power up the charger fits neatly into a small clip that attaches magnetically to the bottom of the charger unit, although I've found the clip to become detached with not much pressure. When powering up devices from the charger, it's possible to use four outputs (three USB Type A; one USB Type C) simultaneously, or you can charge from a single output at a higher rate (Nimble mentions up to an 80% device charge in 30 minutes, but this of course varies by the device being charged). A light-up display on the side of the charger also indicates the amount of power currently remaining in the power bank.

Though a bit confusing, the 5-Day model name refers to the estimated time that the power bank will keep your devices powered up before needing a recharge. The company also has models that store more and less amounts of power, with sizes and prices that reflect accordingly.

When it comes to practical use the build is solid, the appearance is slick, and I haven't noticed any negatives resulting from the material construction of the charger. It's well-designed, and I definitely appreciate the efforts made by Nimble to integrate plant-based and recycled materials into the charger. At 12 ounces in weight, this charger tends to stay in my day pack or travel bag and has come in extremely useful when I've needed to recharge my phone after a lengthy period of use.

With the amount of items I own that need to be recharged on a regular basis, having a power bank is an essential and convenient accessory that I'll take with me on my travels, my hikes, or just throw in my bag in case I realize that my phone has run low on power. The Nimble 5-Day Portable Power Bank has worked great for me, and I'm appreciate of the company's efforts to design and build a more ecologically-conscious product and deliver it in an recyclable plastic-free packaging, and wish that more companies would put this effort into their products.

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