Explore Sesriem Canyon

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Be surrounded by the canyon walls below the earths surface.

Sesriem (sesriem: sess-reem) Canyon is a pleasant surprise to say the least. When you arrive here, all you see is flat land with a sign that says "Sesriem Canyon," and you think "seriously... I just drove all this way for this.." BUT if you walk to the edge and look down, you look into a deep crevasse in the earths surface known as the Sesriem Canyon. Keep in mind that Namibia is rather flat... so whenever theres a dip or hill in the earth its a big deal. 

If you have small children with you be careful not to let them run around as the edge takes you by surprise and you aren't expecting it. If you walk a little to the right, theres a rocky trail that leads into the canyon. It's a little tricky to get down, as they don't want to change to much of the land, so you have to take the path that was naturally created. 

Once in the canyon, you can either go up, or down the canyon. both ways are beautiful. There is a sign painted onto the wall with an arrow saying "water," but there is no water there 99.9% of the year as Namibia is in a drought constantly. but if you do choose to go this way there is a very large birds nest, probably a vulture or something of that size. Of course nature has to take its course, and along the walk you see lots of dead critters and baby birds. Survival of the fittest is evident in the canyon. 

The sun gets so hot, that whatever mud there was in the canyon actually curls up. It seems like something so simple but to wrap your head around just how brutal the climate is there, this is a neat was to show it. 

The sesame canyon is exceptionally beautiful. You are surrounded by walls as high as you can see of rocks and boulders. In some areas you can climb the sides into caves. Just be careful as lots of wild animals use these as homes, so you can never be to cautious. 

NAMIBIAN TRAVEL TIP: Travel with your passports constantly..because you are not Namibian they can throw you into jail if they want. There are many random check points along these roads, and you don't want to be without a passport. It's a very corrupt country, and being a tourist is not a very safe thing.  

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