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Hiking the Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail at Sly Park

Pollock Pines, California

The Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail runs along Jenkinson Lake, making for an easy, shaded, and well-marked hike that the entire family can enjoy.

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Hike Panorama Point at Corwina Park

Evergreen, Colorado

Jefferson County, the "Gateway to the Rockies" has dozens of great parks and trails. One of the best, however, is often overlooked, as it is sandwiched between bigger and more popular parks.

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Camp at Lost Dutchman State Park

Apache Junction, Arizona

Lost Dutchman State Park is located near the Superstition Mountains in central Phoenix, about 40 miles from Phoenix.

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Camp at Pace Bend Park

Spicewood, Texas

Pace Bend is a favorite camping and day use destination near Austin, Texas.

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Hike to Eagle Rock in Topanga State Park

Topanga, California

Eagle Rock is located in Topanga State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains, and it is a unique formation that provides an amazing panoramic view of Santa Monica.

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Hike South Table Mountain

Golden, Colorado

Want to see a rainbow? Possibly some coyotes or other Colorado wildlife? This hike is full of twists and turns, mostly involving the trail, but also in surprises along the way.

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Hike at Kenosha Pass

Jefferson, Colorado

The Colorado Trail ( is 500 miles long and stretches from Denver to Durango. Perhaps the most-traveled portion of the Colorado Trail is at Kenosha Pass.

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Hike the Lynn Canyon Loop

North Vancouver, Canada

The Lynn Canyon Loop is a 5km trail that takes you up through the dense forest before looping back along the rushing water of the river.

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