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Experience Hole in the Wall on the Wild and Scenic Missouri River similar to it was in 1805 when Lewis & Clark ventured up the river.

Hole in the Wall is a natural geologic formation in the White Cliffs along the Missouri River. Located in the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument. This stretch of the Wild and Scenic Missouri River has changed little since Lewis & Clark first explored it in 1805. You'll experience the same beauty and tranquility.

To only way to get to Hole in the Wall is by river, which means there are very few people. Most people put-in at Coal Banks Landing and float downstream admiring the beauty of the White Cliffs. On the left will be Eagle Creek Campground with the Neat Coulee slot-canyon. 

Further down the river on the right is Hole in the Wall campground. You can miss the Hole in the Wall as you are paddling down the river due to its prominence above the river. 

If you have the time, I suggest you hike to the top. It's an unforgettable experience. 

The next campsite is Slaughter River, and after that, is Judith Landing where most people will haul-out and meet their scheduled shuttle back to Coal Banks Landing. 


For more information, feel free to contact us, Click here for BLM’s information on planning a river trip, or visit the Upper Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center in Fort Benton, Montana.

To check current river conditions, click here to access USGS streamflow data.


The majority of recreation on the Missouri Breaks National Monument is focused along the Missouri River, with a total of 375,000 acres of public land. Whether it is walking in the wide open uplands, or crawling through the slot canyons near the river, hiking in the monument gives you the opportunity to see parts of Missouri Breaks National Monument few have the chance to experience.


Missouri Breaks National Monument has a number of designated campgrounds along the Missouri River. As in most of our country’s national monuments, camping is allowed in places where there are no organized campgrounds. Pitch your tent pretty much anywhere on public land, and follow Leave No Trace principles for rivers.

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