Backpack Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

43 Miles Round Trip - 500 ft gain - Loop Trail

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Amazing scenery, unbeatable backcountry camping, Multiple cliff jumping opportunities, The clearest water around. Duration: 3-5 days

The time of the year is one of the most important factors of this trip. DO NOT under any circumstances plan this trip for a time during mid June - mid August. The black flies at this time of the year are more than a nuisance. They are seemingly resistant to even 100% DEET, and can bite through clothing. They WILL ruin your mood during the trip. There are also plenty of mosquitos at this time, but they seem like nothing compared to the flies. The best time to go is early summer or any time from late August - late October.

Lake Superior will generally be the warmest (about 60°F) around Labor Day weekend.

In order to backpack the entire 43 mile section of the North Country Trail that runs through the whole Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, most people choose to leave their car in Munising, take the $20 shuttle over to Grand Marais and hike back to their car in 3-5 days.

Permits are required for backcountry camping, and can be obtained at the Visitor Center right in Munising. The cost is $5 per person, per night.

A backcountry map can be found at:

We were picked up from the Munising Falls parking lot on a Saturday Morning, dropped off in Grand Marais about an hour later, then began our trip. We planned to complete the adventure in 3 days and two nights. Night 1 was spent at Sevenmile Campground, night 2 was at Chapel Beach, and we finished up the last 17 miles back to Munising Falls on day 3.

On the first day, we chose to leave the trail around Grand Sable Lake, where we hiked north towards Lake Superior, climbed down the huge dunes and walked along the beach until we headed back up the dunes to meet up with the trail around Au Sable Light Station.

The prettiest part of the whole trail will be the 9 mile section from Coves to Mosquito. There are plenty of overlooks off of the trail to stop and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

The first opportunity to cliff jump will be at Coves, where a rock outcropping to the west side of the Coves inlet will allow you about a 10 foot drop into the water. There is a similar opportunity on the rocks to the far west of Miner's beach.

The cliff jumping for the more adventurous type will be found at Chapel Beach. Hike up to the first cliff that juts out into the lake right next to the beach. Walk out to the very tip of this limestone outcropping, and the best spot to jump is right at the tip next to the tree that has grown out over the edge. This is a 65-70ft drop, so do this at your own risk. The water is plenty deep enough for you to not even come close to the bottom. The tour boats full of people passing by will cheer wildly for those brave enough to make the jump, and if you get lucky (like I did) there will be nice people in a pontoon down below willing to pick you up, give you a beer, and drop you back off at the beach if you jump.


Cliff Jumping


43 Miles
500 ft elevation gain
Loop Trail

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Absolutely Stunning

Did this trip as a precollege outdoor thing at my school with 13 strangers (11 other freshmen and two upperclassmen) and it was wonderful! Absolutely beautiful, totally worth it. We did go at the peak black fly season though and spent a lot of our time fighting them off (this was horrendous). Also the log slide is a very cool experience but definitely heed their warnings and I would recommend avoiding if you have a fear of heights!

Best Backpacking In Michigan

Best place for a multiple day backpacking trip in Michigan. The cliffs are absolutely amazing, the trail is well marked and all the designated camping spots are conveniently at beautiful lookout locations. Provisions are easy to get in town and everything in the area is beautiful as well, even inland.

Do it!

This is a great hike. The review is right though about the bugs, its best to do it in the spring or fall.