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Review: Body Glove Navigator+ Inflatable SUP w/ Backpack

Pullover, grab your SUP in a backpack and get paddling!

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Want to Paddle Board in style with no car rack or garage space for storage? The Inflatable Body Glove Navigator+ Paddle Board is an all-in-one portable set up with backpack so you can get on the water anywhere even if you need to hike to your secret spot.

What’s in the Box: The Navigator+ comes in a 35”x19”x12” box with everything you need to get paddling in less than 30 minutes of opening the box. The 30lb. package includes the board, paddle, pump, leash, a cell phone dry bag, a small repair kit, and comfortable backpack to carry everything to your launch. 

Inflating & Durability: After unboxing I immediately wanted to see how long it was going to take to pump up the board and see how rigid the board actually was. It took me less than 10 minutes to pump up the board to 15 psi and I was really surprised at how rigid and stiff the board was. It also has triple walled very durable sides and construction so if it did get dropped on concrete, dragged around or tossed to the ground there is really no worry of damaging the board. The pump is efficient and compact. 

Size & Manageability: The main thing I really loved about the paddle board and the whole set up was the manageable size of the board and how everything can fit and be attached to the pack. The board is just under 11’ long, 34” wide, and just about 6” thick. You can easily carry the inflated board under your arm. In the water I found it to handle excellent. It is on the smaller side compared to a lot of paddle boards out there but the board is super stable on both choppy and glassy water and sits a few inches above the water surface. The handling and tracking of the board is excellent.

Features: The design and features of this board are simple and well thought out. The bungie area is at the front of the board for your PFD or anything else you bring out with you. The carrying handle of this board is the highlight! It is a large velcro wrap that securely holds the paddle while you are carrying it to the water. Once you arrive at the water it is large enough to strap in a large water bottle and hold it securely while your out on the water. The deck grip and material on the board is great and I never slipped even when the deck was wet. 

The Paddle: The 3-piece paddle breaks down easily and is a great size which contributes to the portability of the whole set up. One thing I noticed is the last segment of the paddle has a simple push button attachment. When you are kneeling or sitting on the board and need to paddle, your hands often grip the paddle where this button is. I was a little worried the paddle end would come detached if I gripped the paddle in that spot when paddling. It did not happen but it was a concern. Other than that, the paddle is adjustable for your height and compliments the board size.

Summary: The Body Glove Navigator+ Package is the perfect compact package to get in the water quickly. The size of everything from the board to the fully packed backpack is easy to handle, pack, and store. I got more than one compliment on the cool retro color scheme and vibe of this board! If you want a rigid, durable, compact set-up with everything you need and very little space to store, the Body Glove Navigator+ is your set up. 

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