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The Jacket That Makes You Want To Get Out In The Rain

Marmot's Bantamweight Jacket doesn't just expel rain, it embraces it.

By: Michael Martineau + Save to a List

Usually, I am not someone who wears a rain coat when the skies open up. It's probably because I am so use to the jackets not having great breathability, you know, getting warm and humid inside. Humidity and I do not get along so why wear a jacket that usually traps it in? No thanks. 

I know there have been major advancements in breathability among jackets but I had gotten to a point where I didn't even want to try another one. That was until Marmot sent me their Bantamweight jacket to test out in the Adirondacks spring weather. I'll admit I went in close minded thinking it would be another instance where I'd get all steamy as it rained and I hiked, climbed, or rappelled. Well, I was completely wrong, and I couldn't have been happier about it.  

Spring time in the Adirondacks means you'll get just about every season in the course of 12-14 hours. It can start out sunny, then a cold front swings though bringing snow, only to warm up again and drop rain. It's a roller coaster. You need to make sure you have the right gear with you at all times for the elements. The Bantamweight, it's a must have in your pack at all times. It's less than five (5) ounces so you can't even make the excuse that you're trying to minimize weight in your pack. On top of being so light, it compacts down to the size of a baseball. You could fold it up and fit it in your pants pocket if you needed to. 

Now, lets talk about function and fit. I took this out for an afternoon of rappelling because there was a threat of rain and I wanted to see how it stood up. My climbing partner and I racked up and hauled our packs into the crag. It was only about a mile hike in but steep to get to the cliffs edge. I was pumping, I wanted to sweat to see how the jacket did with ventilation. Success, my upper body stayed comfortable and dry as it wicked away moisture, wish I could say the same for my legs. The fabric moved and stretched with me as I needed to take larger steps up boulders or reach for a branch to help pull myself up. The Pertex Shield Ripstop fabric had my mind at ease. I knew the jacket wouldn't be shredded if I hooked it on a branch or scrapped it against the rock. Fact, I clipped one of my carabiners holding a full set of stoppers onto the jacket on accident as I hiked up. No rips or even scratches to the jacket.

Once at the cliffs edge we set up our anchors, I tucked the jacket into my harness, put on my helmet, pulled the hood over it, and cinched the adjustable cords till I found the perfect fit. The hood stayed put the entire rap down, it wasn't getting caught on the helmet, blocking my peripheral views, or blocking the sound of my buddy as he rapped down next to me. Even though I was already sold on the jacket, this took my excitement to the next level. Too often the hoods on jackets block how much sound gets through. When it comes to climbing and rappelling, its critical to be able to hear your partner. 

As far as the rain, only minimal droplets fell but the beading on the jacket of those droplets were a thing on beauty. I stayed dry, my body was a comfortable temperature thanks to the laser drilled holes in the underarms, and the fit felt like it was customized to me. Marmot has really done a phenomenal job with this one. No more am I going to second guess going out because of the threat of rain. Instead, i'm going to grab this jackets, throw it on, and hit the trail. I know i'll be dry and comfortable, which will allow me to enjoy my experience outdoors even more. Thank you Marmot

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