Loreto Municipality, Mexico

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  • Brave, Not Perfect: My NOLS Semester in Baja

    My mom always told me that I was brave. Brave for learning to play a new instrument, brave for trying out for a sports team, brave for venturing off on my own. During my three months in the backcountry on a NOLS course, however, I realized she was wrong. I wasn’t brave—I was scared. When learning...
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  • The Big Picture: How I Found My Grit on a Semester in Baja

    TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR COURSE Three years ago, as part of a gap year, I took part in a semester-long, eighty-day NOLS course in Baja California. This course consisted of 15 students and 4 highly-trained instructors embarking on a 100-mile hike from San Juanico to Mulegé, a 120-nautical mile ...
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  • Baja California Sur, Mexico

    Baja for the Holidays 2018 Spotify Playlist

    We absolutely love the song from our Baja for the Holidays video, "Adios Morena - Nicola Cruz Remix" by Rio Mira & Nicola Cruz courtesy of ZZK Records, and here are a few epic songs from our trip to Baja for your next trip.
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  • Bahia de Concepcion, Mexico

    Baja for the Holidays

    This holiday The Outbound sent a team of explorers, photographers, and videographers on a two week road trip the entire length of Baja California, from the United States border at Mexicali to Cabo Pulmo and back. It was a trip for the ages. #EveryoneOutside.   There were four vans: Barb the Barb...
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