Bearlodge Mountain Resort

Sundance, Wyoming

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The Bearlodge Mountain Resort can be a quiet get-away from a hectic lifestyle, a base camp for hunting, an adventure-packed vacation, or a great spot to stay while you tour area attractions.​

Welcome to Wyoming! The Bearodge Mountain Resort can be a quiet getaway from a hectic lifestyle, a base camp for hunting, an adventure-packed vacation or a great spot to stay while you tour area attractions. Where "networking" is two pickups parked in the middle of the road so that their drivers can visit. Where we go grocery shopping in the woods during the fall. Where "neighbors" might live two hours away or just down the road. Where directions are given in "north and south" instead of "right and left". Life's a little slower, people a little more sincere and a handshake still means something! Kick-off your boots, hang up your coat and stay awhile!

Sundance Wyoming is nestled in the valley of the Bearlodge Mountains in Northeastern Wyoming on the western edge of the Black Hills. History and folklore abound in the streets that were made for freight wagons and teams of horses. The Sundance Kid served his only jail time here and you can relive the history in our Free museum, located in the courthouse basement.

Sundance was established in 1875 as a trading post and prospered in the wide-open frontier of its time. Not much has changed in the 100 plus years - the skies are still huge and Sundance Mountain is breathtaking with its Native American Heritage and its monumental vista towering over this small town, population 1161.

You will experience small-town hospitality. There are no lines to stand in for shopping, dining, getting fuel, or picking up groceries. Sundance is a central location which makes it a great hub for your visit In the Black Hills area. We are just a short distance from Devils Tower, from Aladdin, Wyoming with its 1880 stage stop and 115-year-old general store, Vore Buffalo Jump, Keyhole Recreational Park & Reservoir, Spearfish Canyon, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore. Stay in Sundance for a real treat on your vacation!

Located in the northeast corner of Wyoming, Sundance is situated along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain range in the heart of the Wyoming Black Hills. Local terrain varies from tallgrass prairie to ponderosa pine-covered mountains. Sundance sits at an elevation of 4750 feet and elevations top 6000 within a few short miles from the heart of town.


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