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The Top 5 Spots For Fall Leaves Near Salt Lake City

It’s like this season was God’s gift to hikers.

By: Lindsay Daniels + Save to a List

There aren’t very many things that top getting out on the trail and breathing in the fresh crisp air of autumn. Fewer crowds, cooler temps, fall colors, and all with just enough sunlight to be able to head out after work. It’s like this season was God’s gift to hikers. How lucky are we who live in Salt Lake City where there are abundant trails within striking distance of the city? I’d say pretty darn lucky. Here are my top 5 spots to catch the fall leaves around Salt Lake City.

1. Silver Lake

Photo: Lindsay Daniels

Photographers flock to this area during the fall, and for good reason. With its easy accessibility and an abundance of yellow leaves this is one of the more popular spots in autumn. Walk around the lake or continue up to Twin Lakes or Solitude Lake, both about a mile from Silver Lake, but in opposite directions. Learn more.

2. Guardsman Pass and Alpine Loop

Photo: Conor Barry

This is more of a drive loop than a hike, however, the trails along the way are abundant. Pick a trail, any trail, and you will be glad you did. Learn more.

3. Willow Lake

Photo: Colton Marsala

This somewhat steep 1 mile hike takes you to an open lake with yellow aspens lining the edge. The hike itself makes its way through a forest of beautiful yellow aspens. Learn more.

4. Big Mountain Pass

Photo: Lindsay Daniels

With several hiking and mountain biking options and grand views, you’re sure to put this spot on your list of places to return every fall. Learn more.

5. Mount Nebo

Photo: Jacob Moon

It's a bit of a trek from SLC, but when you top out on the tallest peak of the Wasatch, enjoying fall colors the whole way, the drive will be all worth it. It's an especially unique time to be here if you catch an early dusting of the greatest snow on earth - the contrast in colors and white snow is incredible. Learn more.

Bonus: The Subway

Photo: Lindsay Daniels

I couldn’t very well have a list like this and not include the Subway. It’s one of the best fall hikes in Utah, if you ask me. It may be about a four hour drive from Salt Lake, but it’s still in our state, so I’m calling it a bonus for this list. Let me tell you, it's worth it. Learn more.

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