13.5 mile Run...Echo to Glen

Lake Tahoe Echo Lakes

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Echo Lakes to Glen AlpineStarting at Echo Lakes Chalet, this trail run follows the Pacific Crest Trail north through Desolation WildernessREMEMBER TO FILL OUT THE "SELF-ISSUE" WILDERNESS DAY USE PERMIT JUST-IN-CASE

The trail skirts around the east side of both upper and lower Echo lakes. At this point, the trail begins to climb towards Haypress Meadow. Once cresting st Haypress Meadow, you'll begin a short descent into the Aloha Lake Basin. The landscape in the Aloha Lake Bain is truely a "lunar landscape on earth". At the north end of Aloha lake you'll take the Heather/Suzie lakes trail to the east until the trail connects with the Glen Alpine/Gilmore Lake trail. Turn right at this junction and follow the trail back to historic Glen Alpine. Continued past the old Glen Alpine lodge and follow the dirt road back past Lily Lake to the Lilly Lake Trail Head. Source

Pack List

  • Running gear
  • Hat/ sunglasses
  • Sun block
  • Water
  • Snacks
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Spring, Summer, Autumn


13.5 Miles




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It is our goal to provide a wide cross-section of running opportunities for residents and visitors of Lake Tahoe and Western Nevada. TMMRC membership is open to all - slow, fast, beginners, veterans, low mileage, ultra runners, walkers or anyone who is interested in running and related health activities. The Tahoe Mountain Milers Running Club invites you to run with us in beautiful Lake Tahoe and Carson City, Nevada USA. We are a proud member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and we sponsor running events and races year round. In the winter most of our club runs are held in the valleys of Western Nevada. In the summer, most of our weekend runs are held in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley offer hundreds of miles of trail running with some of the most spectacular views on earth.

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