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The New Ford Bronco Looks Like a Great Adventure Vehicle

The new Bronco family looks awesome, and is definitely designed with adventure in mind.

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Look, I'm not really a car guy. My 2007 Rav4 Sport has trundled along for almost 15 years at this point, and I'll keep driving it until it bites the dust. It's been a great combination of sleeping space (fold-flat seats), capability, and decent mileage. Where it lacks is definitely the off-road capabilities -- which is sometimes an issue. I'm not going to run out and buy one, but the new Ford Bronco (in three versions, the Sport, 2-door Bronco and 4-door Bronco) looks freaking amazing, and has bunch of awesome adventure-specific features to boot.

With camping and vanlife seeing a surge in popularity, many car-makers are taking this market to heart, and the Bronco is no exception. Ford advertises four lifestyle add-on packages for the Bronco Sport, built around biking, water sports, snow sports and camping, respectively. In addition to built-in options, the camping kit includes crossbars supporting a roof-top tent and awning. The two-sleeper design also utilizes the Bronco Sport's available tailgate Cargo Management System for organizing loose camping gear on the ride and doubling as a handy fold-out table or shelf at camp. There's also built-in bottle opener, 400-W inverter for power, and lift-gate floodlights to brighten up your campsite a bit.

Folks more educated about cars tell me that the the 4x4 options, solid rear axle, available front- and rear differential locks, independent front and rear suspensions and seven-mode terrain management are excellent features to get this car anywhere. While many of us aren't likely to take full advantage of those features, it's good to know you probably won't get stuck on a 4x4 road to a trailhead that is a lot more difficult than the directions made out.

Downsides? I really wish there was at least a hybrid option here. It's too bad that even in 2020 we're still seeing car releases without electric or hybrid versions.

The Bronco Sport (not quite as rugged as the other models) will roll out to dealerships in late 2020, followed by the other Bronco models in Spring 2021. 

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