The Gear I Brought for Two Weeks in Morocco

A few of the things I was happy I brought.

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My two-week Morocco trip was a bit unconventional (for me). Usually my travels are very centered around something like mountaineering, trekking or skiing. This was the first time in a while that I spent most of the time just traveling. That said, while we did spend most of our time exploring cities and sights, we also climbed the highest mountain in Morocco and went to the Sahara.

Worn Every Day (literally)

Lems Trailhead V2

The Trailhead’s are a great pair of all-around shoes. I wanted to bring a pair of shoes that I would feel comfortable walking around cities and going to dinner in — but also able to do some hiking. The Lem’s came through. They look quite casual, but handled all kinds of terrain with ease.

Arcteryx Atom LT

I’ve professed my undying love for this jacket many times over. It’s the best, most-versatile piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. January in Morocco is actually surprisingly chilly, and I wore my Atom every day in the mornings and evenings.

Peak Designs Capture Clip

This little piece of gear changed the way I shoot and travel. If you’re not familiar with it, the capture clip allows you to securely fasten your camera to a backpack strap. It makes your camera so much more accessible, and it always feels secure. I also used the Peak backpack a bunch.

Sony a7rII + 24-70mm f2.8

The a7rII has been my workhorse for a few years now (yeah, I know the III and IV are out), and the 24-70mm is probably on it 90% of the time. It’s an incredibly versatile lens one of the sharpest on the market.

Saxx Kinetic and Vibe

My favorite pair of underwear right now. I’ve put these through the ringer — traveling, skiing, climbing mountains, and more. No, I didn’t wear the same pair for two weeks. I brought three…I think.

Worn most days

Outbound Trucker Hat

Because, obviously.

Arcade Belts Norrland

I think I actually have an older version of this belt, but I've had it forever and put it through the wringer. 

Western Rise Evolution Pants

These lightweight pants are packable, durable, water resistant, and comfortable. It’s often hard to find pants that straddle the line of performance and style/comfort but the Evolutions do it well. I think I wore these for 10 out of 14 days and they looked no worse for the wear at the end of the trip. I also had a pair of the AT Slims, which are a little burlier and I only really wore those while we were hiking.

Western Rise Air Light button-down

Light, comfortable shirt that looked as good at dinner as it did wandering around the back alleys of Marrakech.

Western Rise Merino Sweater

Loved this comfortable, stylish sweater. I’m actually wearing it as I write this back in Boulder. I might’ve worn it more in Morocco, but my girlfriend stole it from me halfway through the trip 😂

A few more things

Sony 70-200mm f4

Basically brought this for the Sahara…and it was worth it. It's a great lens, and although I didn't use it much on this trip, the 30 minutes I used it in the desert were epic.

Rokkinon 35mm 2.8

Inexpensive, good quality pancake lens. Bought this for more of the city stuff but I ended up still using the 24-70mm more.

Prana Brion Pants

My favorite pair of hiking pants. This was more of a “travel” vs “hiking” focused trip, so these ended up getting mostly sidelined by the Evolution pants.

Smartwool 3/4 Zip Hoodie

I don’t think they make this layer anymore but I wore it hiking on Toubkal, and it’s my go-to base layer for skiing.

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