The Best Travel Underwear for Men

Comfort, performance, and style. All important.

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I've traveled all over the world -- and few items are more important in the pack list than a good pair of underwear. Whether you're the type of person that is comfortable going weeks at a time on just a pair or two, or you like to pack a solid assortment of options, these are a few of the best I've found over the years.

First off, I'm a briefs guy. There's no room in my suitcase or drawers at home for anything else. If you're rocking classic boxers, good for you but I don't know how you do it. For the best blend of comfort and utility, it's briefs all the way.

Regardless of your preference, if you're still wearing cotton, you're doing it wrong. Get yourself one of these fine options to swaddle your nether regions and you won't be disappointed on your next hike or backpacking trip.

Ex Officio Give-n-Go Briefs

These are the classics. ExOfficio has been making great travel underwear for years, and the Give-n-Gos are a tried and true purchase. Nothing flashy about it, no crazy prints, just great performance. I've worn too few pairs of these for much longer than I'm willing to admit. I once brought only 2 pairs on a 5-week trip to Southeast Asia. They'll last you for years and the moisture-wicking will keep the funk at bay.

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Saxx Volt Boxer Brief

A new-ish entrant, Saxx is probably my current favorite. I've worn these hiking in Peru, backcountry skiing all season, and road tripping around British Columbia. The Volt has a great blend of performance, and casual comfort.

They difference here is definitely the Ballpark Pouch. I won't go into too much detail here, but guys, you can figure it out. The "hammock" is excellent at maintaining stability and preventing chaffing -- you'll notice the difference immediately. They also reversed the seams, so the more "comfortable" side of the stitching is on the inside. I don't know how much of a difference this really makes, but they sure are comfortable. As expected for a performance brief, the wick moisture great as well. Plus, you get a bunch of great styles. I'd rather wear cool looking underwear than not 🤷‍♂️.The one criticism I have seen (but haven't experienced yet) is that some pairs can ride up the thighs a bit. Not sure if this is due to design, or fit issues though. More testing will be needed.

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Smartwool Merino 150 Brief

Tried and true, I have several pairs of Smartwool briefs that I really like. The merino wool makes for a lightweight, super comfortable fit that stays cool in hot weather and warm in cooler weather. As expected for merino wool -- if you haven't made the switch from synthetic or tried wool baselayers, you're missing out. My Saxx feel a little bit more performance oriented, so my Smartwools tend to be worn more around town or on shorter days. But that's just personal preference.

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