PRODUCT UPDATE: We're a leaner, cleaner, adventure-finding machine.

We're stoked to share these updates to the Outbound website!

The Outbound Collective was started in 2013, and since then we’ve grown into a community of several hundred thousand, with thousands of adventures and stories and millions of monthly eyeballs. Our community has developed into something amazing. We’ve bootstrapped the company all the way, which means that we haven’t accepted any institutional investment, and instead rely on finding creative ways to build our business sustainably.

There are a couple ways we do that: through advertising, job postings, content partnerships, the newly launched Outbound Studio, and more extensive partnerships like The North Face’s use of the Outbound Adventure API, or the Pursuit Series events.

Building a successful business is hard. As a small team, much of our time has recently been spent on bringing our Pursuit Series events to life and on some behind the scenes initiatives that you, our community, don’t necessarily see manifested in the website or iOS app. But we're excited to say that we're finally refocusing on the product improvement front and have a lot of fun things planned. 

We’re excited to share with you some work we’ve been doing on the site design front!

We’ve stripped the site down a bit, removed some unused features, and given ourselves a cleaner, more usable foundation to build off of. Hopefully you find that it lets your content shine and is just as easy (or easier) to use!

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New Design

We’ve been testing this new design for a while now, and initial feedback has been that it is easier to navigate and use. We hope you find the same!


Adventures were redesigned with a focus on the priority of information and readability.


One of the backbones of our site, we wanted to make sure that your content was beautiful and readable. We stripped down this layout to remove distractions and focus on your writing.


Profiles got a bit of pizazz back, and we introduced your activity feed, so it’s always showing your latest adventures and stories.

Hopefully, you’ll find this news as exciting as we do. More improvements are on the way, and we’re excited to grow our amazing community into 2018 and beyond.

We’d love to hear what you think about the new look, and if you have any other suggestions for what we should build next!

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Published: September 19, 2017

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