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Meet Dynafit's New Hoji Free Boot

With a new toe lug and updated fit, the Free version will satisfy many riders who didn't find the Tour version *quite* right

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Arguably one of the hottest launches last year was the Hoji Pro Tour. Designed by Dynafit and pro skier Eric Hjorleifson (Hoji), it came with some pretty awesome boot innovations and garnered itself several industry awards.

Most notable was the Hoji-Lock system, which allows the wearer to easily switch between ski and tour mode with one hand. The locking mechanism combines the power strap and top buckle into a single, easy to flip switch on the back of the boot, allowing for fast transitions that both let the shell flex, and loosen your buckles. In Hoji's mind, you shouldn't be pulling up your pants every time you want to transition -- #pantsdownalways.

Now, while the Tour was packed with some universally admired innovations, many folks had issues with the wide fit and the lack of a toe lug. Without the lug, the Tour version is incompatible with many styles of AT bindings, preventing customers who would otherwise try it. It's also a dedicated tour or 50/50 boot, and less geared for freeride-focused skiers who are looking for something a bit burlier to huck cliffs and bounce off pillows in the backcountry.

Enter the Hoji Free. With a new lower volume fit, a toe lug, and 130 flex, this is the boot that Hoji really wanted to make for himself. This more performance oriented version of the boot is likely to address many of the valid issues that skiers had/have with the Hoji tour. Not only is it compatible with more styles of bindings, it's stiffer and narrower. Additionally, the Pro version introduces Dynafit's first collaboration with Sidas, who they collaborated with on a completely custom performance liner. And at 1550g, the boot is still plenty light for the uptrack.

Until we hear more from folks spending a few days putting it through its paces, the jury is still out, but the Hoji Free certainly looks like the performance-oriented touring boot that many riders have been hoping for. 

Hoji Free will retail for $899 and hits stores in the fall of 2019.

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