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7 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone Who Loves The Outdoors

The couple that gets outside together stays together.

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Dating an outdoorsy person not only means you get to spend time together doing something you both love, but a shared love for the outdoors comes with a handful of other benefits for your relationship. Whether you're both hardcore mountaineers or just enjoy a day hike on the weekends, the couple that gets outside together stays together. When it comes to finding your partner-in-crime, consider these 7 reasons why you should date someone who loves the outdoors.

Hike to Panther Falls | Photo: Kyle Szegedi

1. Experience the outdoors together.

Going on a solo adventure is something everyone should do, but sharing an experience in the outdoors with that special someone is something that will make you appreciate the outdoors, and each other, even more. You’ll benefit from the healing powers that the outdoors give us and create long lasting memories that bring you closer with those you care about. Being outside is also great for bridging the gap between nature and the distractions of busy day-to-day life, this will allow you to focus more on living in the moment and connecting with the person that you care about.

2. Share natural moments together.

People who love the outdoors cherish memories of hiking, camping, skiing, kayaking, or whatever it is they love to do. Like I said, sharing these moments with someone special will only make you appreciate him or her even more. While you are enjoying these moments together, think about how having that plus one with you is enhancing the experience. This will make you appreciate spending time outdoors even more and get you thinking about future activities to complete together!

3. You’ll stay healthy and active.

Not only will you have a wonderful time during all your recreational undertakings with your significant other, but you’ll also both maintain a happy healthy lifestyle. It’s proven that being outside makes us happier, whether that be through increased brain function, higher levels of vitamin D intake, stress-reduction or an increased sense of vitality. We know that the more time people spend in green spaces, the more likely they will live happy and healthy lives. Getting outside will also help you get or stay in shape, which is another important aspect of living a physically and mentally rewarding life. It is recommended that we participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday, and what better way to achieve that then with your special someone!

Camp at Burnt Corral Campground on Apache Lake | Photo: Kevin Kaminski

4. They’ll help you understand that less is really more.

Outdoor enthusiasts generally don’t spend a lot of money on material possessions unless they pertain to their recreational activities. They recognize that a new smartphone or television isn’t going to give them happiness. This idea that less is really more will help you understand that life is more about living for experiences and not monetary or physical things. The more that you embrace this ideal, the more likely you’ll seek out these experiences, and soon you’ll be rich in a different sort of way.

5. You’ll travel well together.

Finding a good travel companion can be more difficult than you’d think. When you’re on the road spending 24 hours a day with the same person, things can get a little tense and it’s easy to butt heads. However, you’ll find that instead of stressing over arriving at your destination, traveling with someone that you care about will make it easier for you to sit back and enjoy the journey, which is often the best part of any trip. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have someone to share the driving load!

Snow Camp on Mt. Roothaan | Photo: Nick Lake

6. They make the best of any situation.

People that love the outdoors understand that it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows. Everyone is bound to endure some terrible conditions every once in a while, but outdoorsy people understand this and even embrace it. Life isn’t about having a picture perfect time on every adventure, and these rainy, wet, windy, muddy, dirty days will make the sunny days feel even more exceptional. Plus, having that person with you on these types of days will make you remember and appreciate them even more.

7. You’ll save money.

Don’t get me wrong, a nice dinner and a movie is always a great way to spend the evening, but the more quality time you spend outdoors together the greater likelihood you’ll save some money. One of the best aspects about spending time outside is that it is generally free! People who love being in nature are typically low maintenance and will have a better time simply enjoying everything the outdoors have to offer. They understand that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to have a good time. The money that you save together could even lead to more shared adventures or trips!

Cover photo: Christin Healey

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