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Outbound Reviewed: Purist "Mover" Bottle

My new favorite everyday everything bottle

By: Kristi Teplitz + Save to a List

Living in eco-friendly San Francisco, I am highly aware of how important having a water bottle with you at all times is. Working part-time as a fitness instructor, I understand how much of an accessory your water bottle can be to your own personal brand; needing something that can show up for you whether you’re on a spin bike, in a yoga class, or in the boardroom is important!

Every month my studio has a new pile of bottles from S'well, Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, BKR, etc. added to our lost-and-found bin. In full disclosure I occasionally take an abandoned bottle (or two), and over the years I have tested quite a few brands and styles. Whether it’s the effort it takes to screw on and off caps, the shape or design of bottle, or how much the bottle holds an aftertaste of the previous beverage, there can be a lot that goes into finding a bottle that suits our individual needs. 

Well, I recently found one that fits mine!

I was introduced to Purist at Outdoor Retailer this summer and was lucky enough to come home with an 18oz “Mover” bottle to test out. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love! As a “weekend warrior” my water bottles are notoriously dented, covered in stickers, and don’t sit flat from expanding after driving in and out of altitude. Though I love the stories my water bottles share, sometimes they’re better left in my duffle waiting for my next dirty, clunky, something-will-probably-break weekend than in a high-profile client meeting. This is where my Purist bottle shines! Let’s get right into it:


Designed after the self-cleaning properties of the lotus plant leaves, Purist has come up with a way to transform silicon dioxide into a glass bottle interior, which makes their bottles super resistant to aftertastes. This means you can go from coffee to water to beer to bourbon (in any order you like) in the same bottle without any residual flavor from the previous drink! Each sip tastes, well, pure!


Clean, sleek and minimalist, these bottles are beautiful and well-designed. There is a bit of a texture on the outside of the bottles that makes them easier to grip, and honestly, they just feel nice in your hand. Their color choices are of neutral tones, providing a calming feel to them, perfect for the office or the gym. 

The surgical grade stainless steel exterior also helps keep beverages hot for about 12 hours and cold for most of a full day.


This was the surprising icing on the cake for me. I have the Element Top, the non-sport top and non-coffee-sippy-cup top, though I did try one of those out at OR and will leave a few notes below. I know I’ll sound silly saying this, but this water bottle is a joy to open and close! I only have to spin the cap ¼ of a turn (with all of their tops) and voila!

The Element cap has a handle that folds down into the the cap so it’s not in the way when it’s not needed. Think of it as a version of the “stow-and-go” functionality. I originally didn’t think this would be that useful, but as I’ve used it over the months I have grown to love it. It helps me unscrew the top when I unconsciously screw on the top like “The Rock” would, and sometimes I like to carry it hooked around my finger when I (often) have too many things in my hands and no pockets.

The Scope top offers 360 degree accessibility by a twist-to-open function that is adjustable based on your flow preference. Super smooth and leak-proof, this would be my choice if I tended to have hot beverages in my bottle more than cold ones...or wine.

The Union is the sport cap / pour cap equivalent that I did not try, but considering how well thought out the other caps are, I’m sure it’s great


Purist is launching with three sizes:

The Founder - 34oz

The Mover - 18 oz (This is what I have. Perfect for your everyday use, and fits nicely into backpack bottle pockets and car cup holders.)

The Maker - 10 oz

The Company

Inspired by innovation and advocates for social and environmental good, Purist is launching the company with the Purist Collective, a program that partners with community-based organizations to generate awareness and inspire and empower one another to create social and environmental change.

Funded by Specialized, these Purist bottles just launched and are available for purchase via their website!.

Photos courtesy of Kristi Teplitz and Purist

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