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Outbound Reviewed: Costa's Victoria Sunglasses

Part of their Untangled Collection, these sunglasses are made from recycled fishing nets and have become a staple in my daily life.

By: Kristi Teplitz + Save to a List

I was exposed to Costa's new line of shades at Outdoor Retailer this summer and have been testing a pair of their Victoria sunglasses for the past 4 months. I'll go into my review of the sunglasses in a bit, but first let's dive a little into who Costa is and what their Untangled Collection is all about.

Costa Del Mar is a Florida-based company that has been making polarized sunglasses for over 35 years. The brand describes themselves as being "born on the water". With deep passion for the ocean, Costa supports numerous foundations and organizations that help protect our waters like the Surfrider Foundation and OCEARCH. Fishermen at heart, Costa is obsessive about making clear lenses that protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and reflections while out on the water. The brand has since expanded their lines to include fashion-forward designs without losing the incredible focus on lens technology the brand was founded on.

Costa + Bureo

Costa recently joined forces with Bureo, a company focusing on pulling plastic fishing nets out of the ocean, breaking down the plastic, and repurposing it for products. Their website states that 18 billion pounds of plastic enter our waterways every year, and that plastic fishing nets make up 10% of that waste and have been found to be four times more harmful than other forms of plastic pollution. 

Thus, Bureo and Costa have designed the Untangled Collection of sunglasses which are built from 100% recycled fishing nets and are fit with Costa's mineral glass lenses.

Ok! On to the Victoria review...

The Victoria's design is somewhat similar to the ever-popular Ray Ban Wayfinder, but it has a feminine softness and style to it that I was surprised by how much I have grown to love. The unique etching in the plastic on the front and arm of the glasses makes them classy and badass at the same time. Note - Sometimes the etching in the arm gets caught in my hair if it's up in a ponytail, but my ponytails are often messy anyway, so it doesn't bother me.

These glasses feel super solid in your hands and on your face. When I think of plastic sunglasses I immediately think of my beloved Goodr or Sunskis, but these are in completely different class. The material is thick and sturdy, yet flexible, and the frames fit my face and head really well. The glasses feel like they're "worth their weight" when you put them on - they're heavy and tight enough to feel like they'll stay put while also feeling invisible when you have them on for a while. I have worn these on 6 hour drives and 4 hour hikes and I have yet to feel that fatigue I normally get on the side of my head from other glasses after wearing them for hours on end. 

What really sets these glasses apart (and from what I understand about Costa, all of their glasses) is their lenses. The Victoria's are my first pair of Costa sunglasses, and I'm 100% sold on the brand. The lenses are incredible. I have the Copper Silver Mirror lens it softens harsh sun rays like a black lens would, while also performing incredibly well in overcast, evening and otherwise low-light scenarios. The lenses are incredibly clear and provide performance-grade detail while also being pretty tough. I have dropped mine a couple of times and am still without any scratches.

Costa's Victoria glasses are not cheap. At just over $200 a pop you want to make sure you're purchasing a quality product. For me, the lens technology itself is worth the cost, and it feels really good to know your dollars are supporting a great cause. And while I have worn these trail running (and they've preformed marvelously), I will probably will save these for around town and for activities like hiking or kayaking where I can control them flying off my head on a gnarly trip and fall a bit more!

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