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Nordica Strider 115 Women’s Ski Boot Review

Relatively new to the Nordica boot line up, the Nordica Strider 115 opens the brand up into the alpine touring world.

By: Kristi Teplitz + Save to a List

Last season, I was able to test the Nordica Strider 115 ski boots. The Strider is Nordica's first tech-binding compatible boot, and it opens the brand up into the alpine touring world. However, Nordica did not design the boot to be an alpine touring boot; it's focus is still on downhill performance. And they can charge. 

While definitely heavier than a typical Dynafit or Scarpa alpine touring boot, the Strider is a great fit for those who mostly ski inbounds but enjoy chasing lines just outside the resorts boundary lines every now and then. 

I'll get into other features below, but what I like most about this boot is how stiff it is. I often find that most women's boots are too soft for me. I'm strong, and I like a boot that holds up to the demands I put on it, and I am continually surprised at how well these perform for me. The stiff stole and spine help transfer the power I put into my boots into my skis. 

Lighter than my racing boots but just as stiff, the Striders felt surprisingly comfortable and responsive right out of the box. The walk mode gives you plenty of flex to walk or hike comfortably with its 46-degree range of motion, and the walk-to-ride footbed compatibility is a nice feature to have. 

The boot's liner and shell are customizable. The liner is also made with Primaloft, so toes stay toastier, which I love. I am one of those people who always has cold feet while skiing, and when I break for lunch I also break to warm up my white toes. Anything that helps my toes stay comfortable I am a big fan of. 

The Nordica Strider 115 is ready for anything. I think it's a great boot for those who are just starting to dabble into the alpine touring world. Yes, the boots are heavier than alpine touring-specific boots, but for the first few years of dabbling in touring, that's ok. If you're starting to summit big peaks and do multi-day ski touring trips, then yes, it'd be nice to have a lighter setup. But for day excursions, side country adventures, and inbounds fun, this boot will perform incredibly well, day after day.

Cover photo by Mitch Pittman

Product photos courtesy of Nordica

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