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Jungmaven's Tahoe Terry Sweatshirt Review

55% hemp, and quite possibly the most comfortable sweatshirt I’ve ever owned

By: Kristi Teplitz + Save to a List

I’ve never owned any hemp clothing. I’ve been intrigued by hemp napkins and kitchen towels, but for some reason I always thought hemp clothing would be scratchy and uncomfortable. Oh, how wrong I was!

I recently gave the Jungmaven Tahoe Terry Sweatshirt a try after being exposed to the brand at Outdoor Retailer earlier this year. It was love at first wear. Seriously. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was going to become a favorite.

This sweatshirt feels like you’re putting on your boyfriend’s well-worn, favorite sweatshirt, but the weave is tight enough to decently protect you from wind gusts and chilly drafts. It’s made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, and it's really cozy. It is not a super fitted sweatshirt, but it’s also not incredibly boxy. Wearing it feels like you’re wrapped up on the couch with your favorite heavy blanket while drinking a cup of tea (or wine) on a solo night in, but the material itself isn’t actually heavy! So you get all those warm and fuzzy feelings without the weight. It’s thin and breathable despite the tight weave. And from what I understand, Jungmaven’s clothes get better with age. Score!

I normally don’t think about a sweatshirt being a mid-layer. As a gear-nerd, I tend to like to have the perfect technical piece for the environment I’m going to be in. But I’ve got to tell you, I’ve already taken this on a few easy hikes and can easily see this being the layer I pull out for days of cragging, hanging around camp, or other activities when weather is likely to cooperate and I don’t have to worry about wearing cotton. It's that comfortable.

The Tahoe Terry Sweatshirt is the article of clothing you never knew you needed and are extremely happy to have; perfect for pulling on after a day out skiing, or wearing around town on days it feels good to be little more present and move a little slower. 

Never heard of the Jungmaven brand? It was new to me, too! Here's some info:

The Jungmaven brand was born out of activism. Robert Jungmaven studied at Central Washington University and spent much of his time camping in the Pacific Northwest. He became intimately aware of the effects of clear cutting and wanted to take action. In school he began learning about how industrial hemp could combat deforestation because of its fast growth and regeneration and other positive environmental effects. Thus, he built Jungmaven on simplicity and sustainability. In 2010 Rob launched HEMP2020, a campaign to raise awareness of the positive environmental impacts of hemp farming. #Hemp2020

Note - I have also tried another 55% hemp sweatshirt and their 100% hemp Alta Tee, and they are both ridiculously cozy, proving to me that the Jungmaven brand is one that will be in my life for quite some time.

Photos courtesy of Mitch Pittman and Jungmaven.

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