Outbound Reviewed: Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

The perfect headlamp that is suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts.

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I have always looked for the cheapest option with headlamps. If it emits a light, why do I need added features? Well, after malfunctions, ripped head straps, batteries wearing down and limited light options, I decided to upgrade to the Storm headlamp by Black Diamond. After using Black Diamond's Storm for several various outings I don’t know if there is a better headlamp available. 

Let’s talk about the features:

I can guarantee it’s definitely waterproof. The instructions say 1 meter for 30 minutes and while I wasn’t submerged in water, we did get caught in a rain storm and the Storm Headlamp, no pun intended, had zero issues during or after the rain. It also emits light for about 80 meters at full strength, which blows away any headlamp I have used in the past. 

The headlamp has several lighting features and while it takes a little getting used to, once you go through it a couple of times it's simple to figure out. I think the best feature is the lock option. I don’t know how many times I’ve wasted a set of batteries because the lamp was unknowingly clicked on. The Storm Headlamp allows you to lock the on/off feature so this is no longer an issue. I also really like the Powertap option which allows you to easily transition between full and dimmed light by just tapping the side of the headlamp.

An easily overlooked option on most headlamps is available colors, which typically just includes red. The Storm Headlamp allows you to cycle through the colors without activating the white light and color options include red, green, and blue. The red light allows for better contrast to objects the light illuminates, so you are able to see objects in more detail at night. The red light also doesn’t interfere with night vision so you won’t annoy your friends while walking around camp by shining white light in their face. You can also use the red light when setting up for night photography. The green light is great for anyone who hunts or fishes due to animals not being spooked by green light, and maybe most importantly insects aren’t attracted to green light. The blue light is recommended for reading maps at night. An added feature with the color options is being able to dim or brighten the colored light by simply holding the power button down, and you can also choose the strobe light option in any color, including the simple white light. I honestly can't imagine what feature this headlamp might lack. 

I’ve wasted money on a handful of headlamps that offered simple features, but after using the Storm Headlamp I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. Whether you are hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, cycling or just enjoying some time in your tent, this is the perfect headlamp. 

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