Chaco's ZX/2 Classic Review

Can't go wrong with the classics!

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Being a true staple to your outdoors shoe closet, I can't imagine one outdoors enthusiast that hasn't heard of the company, Chaco. It has been the go-to sandal for a number of reasons for quite some time now. Back when I was a newbie to backpacking, I used to bring those cheapo, Old Navy flip flops to wear around the campsite after a day of hiking or for any water activities. So much frustration with how many times that stupid, plastic thong popped out of the bottom of the shoe. I realized quickly that using them was such a rookie mistake. That's when I bought my first pair of Chaco's.

Here's a funny confession for you...I didn't learn that you could adjust your straps to your sandals for over a year after having my first pair. I thought I must have an abnormally large, big toe and would just put the toe loop under my foot, when I wore them. I complained about the bad circulation in my toe from the loop being too tight and how I felt like my foot was always moving around with my toes slipping off the sides of the sandals. Wondering why people raved about these sandals so much. I purchased a couple other water-friendly shoes to try out, never really liking them either. It wasn't until I was hiking with a Chaco-loving friend that I learned about their adjustable, continuous strap system. She laughed at me, then schooled me.

A big decision for most people is whether to go with or without the toe loop. I'm a fan of the toe loop myself now that I know how to adjust the straps, and why I chose the ZX/2 Classic for my second pair of Chacos. I like feeling extra secure in my steps as I'm wading through water, hiking trails, and moving around. Having that additional toe strap helps my feet a little bit more from slipping and moving as freely. Some people feel like it is too constricting for them and prefer without the loop. A tip for if you're unsure which to choose: With the strap system they have, you can adjust the toe loop strap to tighten all the way down if you end up not liking it. It will lay flat on the sandal, as if you didn't have the loop at all! Orrrr you could just go to the store and try them on to see what you like. Whatever floats your canoe.

I loved that they offered such a wide variety of colors and straps. There really is something for everyone. With so many choices, it's actually a little harder to narrow down to picking just one--like a kid in a candy store. The main factor I love is being able to dress up or down with these bad boys. When packing light for long hiking trips, it's not like you can pack multiple pairs of shoes in that 65L for when you do go out in civilization. Why can't we be dirtbags by day and classy AF by night? Here enters Chaco, coming in for the clutch. Their sandals make it easy to go out hiking all day, wear those same shoes out at night, and still have some style. My tiny, inner Cher from "Clueless" thanks you.

Easy to clean, slip in your pack, or clip to the outside of your pack with a carabiner. Rarely do they stink! What a god-send! 

I can easily justify spending the extra money on these sandals, as they're built to last. If for some reason they have too much wear and tear, Chaco repairs almost any part of the sandal. If you have a smaller foot for an adult, you can also look into the kids sizes and save yourself some extra dollars. I wear a women's size 6, which in a kids size usually fits a size 3. That's a save of at least $40! 

The ZX/2 sandal has been so comfortable. The perfect sandal for all my kayaking, canoeing, and water hiking. A savior to my tired, sweaty feet to lounge in at the campsite after hiking tons of miles all day in boots. There isn't much else that I can ask for. Well, that and possibly a foot rub while sipping a cup of good whiskey and basking in the heat of a toasty campfire. A girl can dream, can't she?

Check out the ZX/2 Classic sandals here! Your feet will thank you for it.

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