Pros and Cons of Adventuring with a Photographer

It's usually worth it...

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I am fully aware of my intentions when I adventure...Are you surprised that I ask you to send me photos of the place before I agree to go? Are you shocked when I tell you I'm going to jug myself up a route instead of climb it? Can you sign this model release? 

Photographing adventures is one thing I enjoy more than the adventure itself. Photography is my passion, and what we're doing looks particularly awesome through my lens. If you know me, you might have seen this coming. If not, we will adjust accordingly. Here is a list of the pros and cons to adventuring with a photographer.


I might make a suggestion as to what you will wear that day.

I might suggest that we wake up at an ungodly hour to catch that perfect light.

I might tell you to "act natural" when you are already doing so.

I might ask you to hold still while you're in a precarious position.

I might ask you to hold that position for a few minutes...

I might ask you to take your hair down, even though you are covered in sweat.

I might ask you to take your shirt off.

I might need you to wait for me on multiple occasions, I have to put my gear back in my backpack, only to take it back out thirty minutes later. 

I might ask you to repeat the same motion you just did one more time. 

I might ask you to put your backpack back on, just real quick.


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