Relax on a Secluded Beach Near Soberanes Point

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

When we stumbled upon this beach we were thrilled to have such great views with no crowds.

276 Saves

Camp at Oh Ridge Campground on June Lake

Bishop, California

Nestled along the shores of picturesque June Lake, is the Oh Ridge campground.

54 Saves

Soak in Mammoth's Hilltop Hot Springs

Mammoth Lakes, California

Mammoth’s volcanic valley floor is peppered with these natural steamy tubs with panoramic views of the Eastern Sierra. It’s pretty damn whimsical.

267 Saves

Hike through the Founder's Grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Redcrest, California

The Founder's Grove is easily accessed from Highway 101 in northern California. The grove is also on the Avenue of the Giants Scenic Highway.

73 Saves

Hike the Tabor Nature Trail

Leggett, California

Signs at the trail head for the Tabor Trail state it is 1.1 miles long. That is much shorter than the actual 1.8 miles my GPS put it at. The trail sign also claims it is wheelchair accessible.

8 Saves

Hike the Rubicon Trail

South Lake Tahoe, California

The Rubicon Trail is a through hike connecting D.L. Bliss State Park and Emerald Bay State Park.  You can start at either point.  I opted to start at D.L.

149 Saves

Hike the Steep Ravine and Bootjack Trails Loop

Mill Valley, California

This hike is best done in the winter and spring in order for the creeks and waterfalls to be flowing. Park at the Bootjack Campground in Mount Tamalpais State Park.

79 Saves

Hike the Lighthouse Trail at D.L. Bliss State Park

South Lake Tahoe, California

The Lighthouse Trail is a 2.3 mile loop located in D.L. Bliss State Park on the lower west side of world famous Lake Tahoe.

53 Saves

Hike to Granite Lake

Pioneer, California

Take the road to Kit Carson Lodge. When the road turns to dirt, take this one-lane dirt road as far as you can go.

132 Saves

Camping at The Pots

Pioneer, California

This fantastic camping or chilling spot has beautiful granite pools and slides of all sizes.

1106 Saves

Swim at Long Lake near Truckee

Truckee, California

The story goes that twenty or so years ago, long before the advent of the Royal Gorge Cross-Country Ski Area, some local Truckee boys decided to put a couple rope swings up on Long Lake near Soda Spr.

141 Saves

Explore Berkeley's Hidden Waterfall in Codornices Park

Berkeley, California

Park along the street in front of Codornices Park in Berkeley. Follow the stream to the left of the playground. Take the path up the hill to the right (don't head over the bridge on the left).

584 Saves

Hike to Bassi Falls

El Dorado County, California

109' tall Bassi Falls is located in the Crystal Basin area of the El Dorado National Forest.

544 Saves

Hike to Hollow Falls

Oroville, California

The first step of this fun little hike is to park at the handy parking lot located at 2488 Cherokee Rd., Oroville, CA up on Table Mountain.

136 Saves

Hike to Fairy Falls (Shingle Falls)

Penn Valley, California

Start at the Fairy Falls trailhead in Spenceville Wildlife Area Field Trial Grounds in Penn Valley (careful on the bumpy roads in).

451 Saves

Backpack to Fourth Lake on the Big Pine Creek North Fork Trail

Big Pine, California

From Big Pine, you'll turn onto Crocker St. to head towards the mountains. Once you are about 11 miles down the road you will see a sign and a turnoff on the right for trailhead parking.

309 Saves

Camp and Hike the Big Pine Lakes

Big Pine, California

The North Fork Big Pine Creek Trail offers some of the best high alpine scenery in the Sierras.

689 Saves