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The Adventure-side of Oceanside Essential Gear

Surfing, kayaking, SUP-ing, golfing and all manner of the essential adventure gear by Oceanside, for Oceanside.

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The sheer diversity of activities in Oceanside has helped it become a laboratory of outdoor adventure and active lifestyle startups, with everything from Linksoul (born on the 18 holes of Goat Hill) to Suja Juice to Hobie to Botanik. Here our some of favorite products for an essential Oceanside trip. See our "The Adventure-side of Oceanside" story here.

Morris Full-Zip Windbreaker

That SoCal sun is no joke and neither is that cool evening breeze off the ocean. Linksoul's windbreaker solves for both situations while looking just as good on the links or while out to dinner at 333 Pacific.

RAEN Remmy Polarized Sunglasses

Another local Oceanside brand based right on the Pacific Coast Highway, RAEN makes some of the most styling eyewear on the planet, with a timeless SoCal sensibility and a retro-vibe. The polarized lenses make those ocean sunsets pop.

Suja Juice FUEL

Suja is famous for its organic, pro-biotic-rich, cold-pressed juices *and* their game-changing kombuchas, but our favorite after a morning surf session was the Suja Juice FUEL, a carrot+orange+apple+pineapple+lemon+tumeric concoction that both speeds up recovery *and* feeds your nutrient-hungry muscles.

Botanik All-Natural Bar Soap

Reef-safe, body-safe, and soul-safe Botanik makes all-natural soap's and deodorants that are a must-have in your van/gym/golf/surf bag for post-adventure hygiene. 

Vivo Barefoot Magna Trail Mens

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, trail and beach, the Vivo Barefoot Magna Trail Mens is a joy to take out for a spin on your next beach run or paddleboard session.

Hobie Mirage Compass Kayak

The newest in Hobie's game-changing pedal kayaks, the Compass is nimble, versatile, and perfect for coastal exploration and fishing, as agile in Oceanside's Harbor as it is heading out into the swells beyond the jetty.

Soundboks 2

Whether you are in a golf cart at Goat Hill or biking the Strand big and clear music makes everything better, and there is no finer portable (and weather-resistant) speaker than the Soundboks 2. 

Z-Flex Pintail Longboard

The longboard is a SoCal icon on par with surfing and bombass carnitas burritos, and perhaps no other brand and board is more beloved than Oceanside's Z-Flex and their Pintail. 

Vivo Barefoot Magna Trail Womens

Grippy on the trail, the beach, and/or the skateboard and/or paddleboard, the Magna Trail is meant to be a shoe for any outdoor adventure situation, and it delivers.

Linksoul Torrey Modern Fit Pant

Classier than jeans but more versatile than chinos, the new Torrey Fit Pants from Linksoul keeps with their tradition of products as useful on the golf course, a skateboard, or while out dining with friend, in other words: exactly what you need in Oceanside.

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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