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Why You Should Practice Green Diving

With ocean pollution and coral bleaching becoming more common, green ocean practices are needed more than ever.

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What is green diving?

Green diving empowers individuals to preserve and conserve our ocean planet, and you can join a green diving community, even if you aren’t a SCUBA diver. Members may be divers, environmental activists, scientist, beach-goers, or boaters, all sharing a common and genuine concern for the vitality of the marine environment.

A vibrant and clean environment is vital for the long-term sustainability of the diving industry, and some organizations are doing something about it. The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) recognizes the importance of addressing issues related to water quality and plastic pollution in our waterways, and in 2010, NAUI formed a Green Diver Initiative to change the conditions in our waterways. The NAUI Green Diver Initiative urges all divers to follow green diver practices and also takes it a step further by collecting data that can then be used to help make better choices for our waterways.

Divers are making a difference around the world by cleaning up marine debris. Cleanups are important and have a positive impact, but the more significant focus and aim of the green diver movement is to reduce the pollution at its core, before it hits the waterways. To accomplish this, there needs to be an emphasis on building awareness and establishing an involved community.

What can you do?

  • See if there is a local marine debris hotline to report ocean debris.
  • Ocean debris and beach cleanup events.
  • Coral reef preservation and restoration projects.
  • Marine life preservation programs.
  • Native plant preservation programs.
  • Support similar projects by making a donation at https://green-diver-initiative.kindful.com/.
  • Join fellow Green Divers from around the world by organizing your own Dive4Change event and help support local actions.
  • Create your own Dive4Change fundraising page!

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